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I am going to construct a new house in Kerala. Is there any website is providing beautiful house plans with complete details?

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Most websites that offer house plan drawing will give you the tool that you'll need to do the work yourself. You can always try contacting the website and see if you can hire a person to create the plan for you. You can also try contacting a few online designers and ask them if they have any designs they did in the past that the client rejected or refused to pay. You might be able to buy one from them.
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Congrats on constructing your new house. Kerala has the best plant nurseries which are well stocked and provide plants at a good price.
Buying plants online is a big risk in India for three reasons, 1) the sellers are not very reliable, 2) the pricing is too high 3) packaging and delivery service is poor.

Go to nurseries around your place and look at the plants, make a list of what you like,

Do not decide just based on the price or your likes . Take into consideration the light and watering  requirements of the plant. See how much sunlight your garden would get and at which hour of the day.

Discuss this with the nursery managers and then decide accordingly. Plan a colorful but manageable garden. Make sure you group plants with the same kind of water and light requirements. Planting succulents with plants that require frequent watering is a big no,no.

If you consider all this you could have a lovely and manageable garden.

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