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In my opinion, bleaching of the skin is very wrong. It causes a lot of side effects and possibly skin cancer. 
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I do not like it at all. I have no right to talk negatively of them but i wish we would all be proud of our skin colour.

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Oh yes, bleaching is not good for the human skin. In spite of how those that use it see it, it is wrong for them to trail the path of using chemicals to wash their skins. Unfortunately, bleaching has long been in practice for quite sometime now, although it wasn't popular back then than as it is now.
Basically, what bleaching does to the skin is to erode the melanin, which is the pigment that gives the skin its natural colour. And the continuous use of it would not only remove this pigment, but also wash off the dermal cells protecting the skin against pathogens, thereby making the skin to be prone to all kinds of infections. Sadly, bleaching of the skin can cause serious incurable skin disease such as cancer of the skin.
Bleaching is terribly bad for the skin, therefore it is not ideal for anyone to be into it.
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I am proud of my color and I don't really enjoy bleaching the skin always. This is something that I always avoid as I don't see the sense in such act. 
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Yes, I am seeing the same way. If you are bleaching your skin, you are killing the cells and it becomes unhealthy. For those who are not fair, if you bleach your skin, your skin became thick and you can have allergies easily. It became irritants. It will get whiter but it will not look good in later time. It will become very sensitive. I know a person at work that bleached her skin and she says that it is becoming irritable. She was always scratching part of her arms and no matter how she deny it, I know she is now having a serious problems. There are ways to make your skin whiter and this is by taking gluthathione. Bleaching might works fast and will give you fast results but it has consequences. You cannot stay under the sun for long because of irritations.
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I see those that bleach the skin as having low self esteem and that is bad. With the dangers that come with bleaching of skin, it is not something that people should be doing anymore. 
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I do not see the need for anyone to bleach their skin. I mean  it is part of who you are and trying to bleach seems like you are not totally accepting of your entity. I've asked a lot why people bleach and I hear things like "I want to be beautiful and attractive". Whoever said darker skin is ugly?

I don't approve of bleaching and I don't judge people who do it. I believe if they had proper orientation and learned that they are sometimes misguided by what society preaches, they'd have known better.

Bleaching can give you a camouflaged skin, give you a paler color, increase your risk of diseases, stretch marks and all sorts of irritation. It damages your skin cells leaving you very susceptible to different skin conditions. It isn't worth the trouble.
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I see people who bleach their skins as normal people, only that their choice of bleaching might probably turn out to be a bad decision at the long run. This is because most people who bleach tend to regret their decision sometime in the future when it takes a toll on their body, leaving visible dark patches on certain parts of their skin.

I believe the decision of bleaching has to do with psychology. It tells more about a person's personality, personality that has to do with insecurity. You would agree that people who bleach feel totally insecure of their natural looks. In an attempt to look better or lighter, they turn to bleaching without putting into consideration what might follow.

As we all know, bleaching creams are made up of multiple chemicals which when applied in excess can lead to damage. This is why I feel bleaching is risky and posses certain dangers to both the skin and body as a whole.
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In my opinion, bleaching of skin is something that most of the people that do it attach it to fashion and that is bad. The reality is that it is always dangerous to get involved in this kind of fashion as it is going to bring about your skin having issues in the future when one is not careful. As human beings, I think that bleaching of skin is Te he last thing that we should be thinking on our mind as I have not seen a situation where those that do it benefit at the end of the day.

There is no big deal for one to think of how they are going to become better in life in the endeavors that they have set out for unlilke for them to look at the way that they are looking and then conclude that bleaching of their skin is the best solution to anything that concerns them. I see them as those that are not happy the way that God created them.
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I see people especially in my country doing this alot and I wonder the gain in that.its funny how the humans mind operate while others  that are whites have sun bath to toned their skin color,the blacks are using all sort  to bleach theirs to be white. I guess the problem we have is just greed and believe that the grass is ever greener at the other side.

I wouldn't judge anyone because we all have our lives to live.But as a black I wouldn't compromise my skin color for whatever reason. I'm proud of my God-given complexion and I think it wouldn't have been more better than this.I will just advised bleachers to watch it.Cancer of the skin is real and as such if they can desist good for them.

I wouldn't ever encourage bleaching one skin,it isn't appropriate.
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There are a lot of beauty products in the market right now and they chemically made to whiten skin. I have dark skin and I wish I had a white fair skin like any others. But I realized my skin color is what other people wanted too, especially foreign white people. I wish I could bleach my skin just what I have seen with my friends, but I notice their skin complexion is not fair either. If I ask I think bleaching is very wrong, ye it is. It can causes many side effect in a long run. Just like, if you bleach your colored clothes it will not nice anymore because it erases the natural color in it. Ant the material is not that very strong anymore if too much bleaching going on. It is applied to human skin, we are just human and whatever you put into your skin it will absorb into our system and store there for very long time, and it may cause different health problems.

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