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Some people suffer serious side effects after shaving and bumps or shaving rashes are one of side effects of shaving which one's skin is part of the reason it happens. 

How do you take care of your shaving rashes or bumps?
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Try not to over shaved your skin, bump usually appear when there is too much pressure on the skin. It is advisable to shave it one way direction.

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Without sugar coating anything, I am a very hairy somebody. I was born that way because I inherited the trait from my dab. And I wasn't the only son that inherited it from him, but all of us as the children including the females. Actually, when I was in secondary school, my friends used to call me animal, because of how hairy I was. And they thought I was an old man because at that tender age, my face was already covered with noticeable faint hairs.

Due to this, I decided to start shaving myself using shaving stick. Unfortunately, the first time I tried it was the last I used shaving stick, because it gave me bumps that made my face look disgusting. And it took me months before I was able treat it successfully.
After this time, I went for clipper, and luckily for me, it didn't give me bumps like the shaving stick did. What I am saying in essence, is that, we do have different skin types that specifically require different shaving methods. Once you find what method works you, you can then start using it in order for rashes or bumps to be kept at bay.

In addition, after knowing the exact method which work for you, just like I did, make use of dusty power or after shave cream or spirit depending on which one that suits you skin type.

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