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By my analysis the world "money" should be one of the most frequently used  word globally because the essence of our existence is  primarily comfort  which requires money.  What do have to say about money genreally? 
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Money is a medium of exchange all over the world. Without money, you can't buy anything from anyone in any corner of the world today. I'm sure that every human being understand what money is and it's importance in the world market. 
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Money is as important as air we breathe. You cannot live the life you want if you don't have money. We pay our water, electricity, food, clothing with money. Money shapes our life

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Apparently, we can't underestimate the role money plays in our lives. Historically, money has always been an important part of human activities. Although it has evolved over time from its primitive representation and on how it was used crudely to a more effortless and directional usage of it today. Money was and it's still indispensable currency for any form of transactions one wants to carry out.

More precisely, I don't think there is anything anyone can buy without having money. Money is so relevant to the point that the holy book(Bible) referred to it as "money is for defence". Meaning that if you don't have money, you are vulnerable to any form of unwholesome treatment. In spite on the positive side of money, it also has its own negative aspect. That's why the same money was referred to by Bible as "root of all evil".

Unfortunately, due to all kinds of negativity surrounding money, so many people have resorted to chasing it in the wrong way. This days, you'll see young people using all kinds of underhanded means to make money. Political office holders keep playing with figures, in order for them to siphon public funds at the expense of the poor masses.

Finally, I see money to be good when made legitimately, and bad when made in a corruptible manner.
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One thing that I have come to notice about money is that it is one of those items that we always in our everyday lives. First of all, we all know that money is anything that is generally accepted as a means of payment of goods and services in particular region. This has got to show is that every body that is staying in a particular geographical area will always appreciate the fact that there is something known as money which makes the business activities go smoothly.

Also, I have come to realize that having money is one of the best feelings ever for those that are living in less developed countries like ours. The thing is that with their money, they can make things happen unlike what we see in other places.

So, I think that money and the way that it is circulated can make or mar the economy of any nation.
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The world today runs on money, life is constantly running on money, in fact it wouldn't be a wrong assertion should someone declare that the world, life and existence are absolutely nothing without money. Personally, I would be strongly in support of such statements or declaration because ever since I started understanding how the world works, I haven't witnessed anything that in our world today that doesn't depend on money to run smoothly and efficiently.
You need money to carry out any transaction anywhere in the world today, if you want to eat, you will need money to purchase it. If you need to move about, you are definitely going to be needing money for your transportation. When it comes to your accommodation, money is needed to take care of it. So, in summary money is the fuel on which our world runs.
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Money is like life to everyone especially now that we can't do without money no matter how we want to deny this. Money rules the world and we should always know this. As you rightly stated money is like the most  frequently used thing in the world. And with money difficult situation will definitely take a dive.

Personally I view money as what help to keep my family daily because I know to keep a family and see them smiling brightly then money must be involved.Money is a good substance one should strive to acquire at all times to keep both the immediate,extended family and the world at large going.No need living in poverty it has never helped anyone not even the poor people themselves. So in essence we should work to have money but not lovers of money.
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Money is just a form of exchange whereby you are paid for some favours. Unfortunately, something good must have the other negative side. People are really misusing money nowadays and say that 'money can buy everything and nothing makes them happy like having money'. In fact nowadays you can exchange someone's life with money. Generally, money is the route cause of all evils happening on earth. Thinking of corruption, bribery among others, they are all as a result of money. If we can just make good use of this cash or money then surely the world can be a better place or else we could have another means of exchanging our goods. Or maybe we can go to the old ways of doing barter trade whereby you give me something and I do that in return.

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