Touching of genital organs is something very common in all men. Whenever they are idle, it's simply what they do without even having any clue it's going on.

Is this psychological? 
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I don't really know what it is with males touching their genitals. It is something very common among them, and frankly speaking, I am not left out of the whole thing. I think it one of those things we do habitually without knowing about it. I don't there's a guy that doesn't like touching his genitals involuntarily, but it seems there are those, there is worst than the others.

I have a friend that, he can't stay for one minute without playing with his genitals, and he does this both in private and in public. Anytime we are together, I will be monitoring him as he constantly touches his genitals. And find it difficult to confront him and tell him what he's doing is inappropriate.

To make matter worst, that same hand he is using for it would be the same hand he would like to shake people with. I just think there is psychological aspect to this phenomenon of guys touching their genitals, which explanation is yet be known.
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My God..!! I have few friends in male but they don't touch their genital organs in public places. I don't know what they doing in private.  
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This is made me laugh because my partner and my two boys do these. And I couldn't find any reason why they keep touching their genitals. Even my little ones are just innocent, but they discovered early to touch their genitals. I know they are innocent, maybe because they it more interesting than the other parts of their body. About my partner, he will just scratch it if its itchy that was his reason. But for my two littles perhaps not the same reason as their father has.

The genitals are most interesting part of human body, maybe because it gives you a different feeling and for not intents as science may explained about it. I could not explain further more than that because I don't want to say something here that against any rule. But as far as I'm concerns, its part if human body.
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I wouldn't deny the fact that I have seen a couple of my friends do this and because I'm used to seeing it I have long stopped bothering myself with it. In my region there was a time it was like a fashionable thing where a male will walk and be grabbing the penis in a fashionable way,I think this style reign for a while and I think this must have accustom some people and they kept doing it unconsciously.

Another group are those males that just want to masturbate all the time both in and outside the home. Some males I know does this and unconsciously do it outside.

I think itches too can make one touch the genitals every now and then. Some people don't play with itches on any part of the body including the genitals. If the itching is intense there will be no way out than to grab and scratch it.
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Well I think you're utterly right about that, and just as a man, I believe such action is always involuntary. I think the reason or cause of such action is broadly due to two reasons; one is to scratch the organ when it is itching and the other reason is that some men enjoy touching it for pleasure. The scratching might be caused by heat and since the design of the male organ made it outside , meaning externally from the body. That makes it easier to scratch or touch for comfort. The second reason which is for pleasure is the most common among men. Especially the very young youths who feels they owe nothing to courtesy tto behave at will. It has become a serious habit in some men that they can't do without touching it. I think its has at this stage become usual and psychological. Which ever one or way, there should be courtesy. Ladies have also joined in that acts too.
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This is absolutely very common to males generally not even adults even the babies also engage in such acts and these makes me think the reason might be psychological or an inbuilt habit in every male child.
I have also noticed that majority of male does this when they are alone and they shirtless which sometimes might linked to repositioning of the scrotal or itching.
Aside the fact that it is generally applicable to all males,  it is mostly controllable but those who are always seen  touching their genitals most times engage in masturbation for self satisfaction.
It is also advisable to limit it because most times when genitals are been touched there is always a reflection to sexual satisfaction with self or with opposite sex.
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Sounds funny, i had a boss who kept doing this all the time, and it was so annoying. I could not stand it, and there was no way of telling him to stop it. Each time he did it i happened to be next to him, at some point i thought could i ne the reason he does it or was it just on impulse? Anyway i got to ask around from some of my male friends and they told me that, it sometimes just happens. Others said it's because either the men are wearing small underwear, or they have on boxers which make them quite uncomfortable. So that's why they have to keep touching themselves to ensure that everything is in place. I don't think it's something they do on purpose, but again it's good to choose what you wear before you go out of the house, just make sure that whatever you choose to have on is comfortable.
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The testicles are not at body temperature, they are several degrees cooler. That's why they are outside the body, and that's why they sweat a lot. The humidity encourages various effects such as chafing and growing things, all of which might cause a mild itch. If a man was a high school athlete he might know that corn starch absorbs the humidity and reduces itching. And he might not.
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I think the real question is why shouldnt most men always touch their genital organs. i don't see anything wrong with that, unless it's a dinner party or something
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I am really amazed while seeing this question. I have few friends in male and they don't touch their genital organs in public. But I don't know what they do privately. 
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Most times the genitals has a scratchy feeling which forces most people to touch, this happens as a result of lack of hygiene and dirt, after a refreshing bath the scratchy feeling naturally goes away, so outside this  I see no reason that results to this. 
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