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There are some people who would never sleep without covering their body with blanket even with wearing clothes. 

I can't even stand putting on clothes when sleeping, not to talk about covering up with blankets. 
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Yes, I cover my body when sleeping specially when its cold. I am coldy person and I prefer to have blanket with me.

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I cover my self with a blanket when the weather is very cool.i think this should be weather specific because I doubt anyone will do this in a hot weather or when the heat is on. Blankets are great covering for the body and it can help protect the skin from some bites any time of the day.

But I know a lot of people also use it as a covering before using the bed spread on the bed or use to decorate the edge of their bed than covering it.Some blankets are just hard and might not really allow the skin to breathe and I can't cover such though.

I mostly use blankets as a covering where theres so much biting insect like in my village,I know a light devut might not help so a blanket might be of help but other than that I rarely want to cover a blanket because our weather here is humid.
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It depends on the weather and who I am with when sleeping. There are times I am the only one in the room and all that is with me are my dogs. When the weather is hot or humid, I do not cover myself with blanket. I wear comfortable thin and silky clothes to have a good resting sleep. When the weather is cold, I wear thick clothes instead and sometimes I cover myself with blanket. Actually, covering myself with blanket is quite useless when my dogs are with me in the bed. They will just steal the blanket to me and use it as a cover in the floor for them to sleep. Or sometimes, they use the blanket for themselves to use. Even if I cover myself with blanket, in the morning, I will see myself not having one because it is in my dogs. It really depends on my dogs sometimes if they will allow me to cover myself with blanket.
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I always want to cover myself with blanket even if the weather is hot. I need to use a blanket because we turn on the aircon every night. I'm not comfortable if there is no blanket.

Each of us in the house has his or her own blanket. It is very comfy using blankets. I can't imagine sleeping without blankets.

I heard some suggest it is good to sleep without clothes but I haven't tried it. Maybe most people are used to having blankets when they sleep.

But sometimes during summer and the weather is really hot I will not use a blanket. Sometimes blanket is not enough I even need a jogging pants and a jacket

It is important to wash the blankets often to keep it fresh. Sometimes it takes a long time before we wash our blankets. A good blanket and pillows give me good sleep
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Personally, I can't sleep sleep with my cloth on because I won't feel very comfortable especially during the hot weather. Utterly, sleeping with cloth on usually makes me feel irritated to the extend that my bod starts hitching me a lot. Though, during harmattan, I usually sleep with cloth because, just as my system detest heat same way it detest cold. My system react muchly to cold to the extend that I won't breath well, if I get exposed to much cold.
Heat is not favourable to human health, once I allow it for long I do notice my stomach gets swollen. So, apart from not wearing cloths while sleeping, I usually wash my self well before going to bed to enhance or allow free air.  Furthermore, there are other conditions that I can comfortably put on cloth while sleeping which involves the use of AC. AC could make the room unbearable for me so I wear cloth and also use blanket.
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I always sleep with covers on. Clothes or not. But some people actually sleep ontop of the blanks. I perfer my room cold, with the fan on and with a comfortable blanket!
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This question does not have a clear-cut answer.Covering ones body is determined by things like weather,body and stufs like that

In my neck of the woods,the weather is mostly hot although we do have cold weather too but out  of the twelve months we have in a year,we spend most in hot weather.

The implication is if the weather is really hot,then you won't be told before you toss the blanket and sleep with your clothes off

During hammattan season when the weather is cold,then one will definitely use a blanket to ward off the cold.

Another reason I use the blanket is if their is power and the air conditioner is on,then one can sleep under the blanket.

The truth of the matter is that those that live in the temperate regions where the weather is constantly overcast and where it snows heavily,then it is important to sleep in bed because of the cold weather

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