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In our world today, soft copies of books are trying to knock off reading hard copies. 

Which one do you prefer reading?

Soft copies or hard copies of books? 
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I prefer reading hard copy of the books. Because I like it this way. I don't like to watch the screen for hours. It kills my reading mood. 

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Well, with technology in place now I go more for soft copies of any text since it alot better for me.Hard copies are still good but I go more for soft copies now.

Soft copies are alot cheaper for me and I definitely don't need to burn gas moving from one book store to another in search of a book. I just get online to download or some one can transfer it to me and that's it.

Soft copies texts can be read at a go,when once it get stored in one's devices especially the mobile phones one can read it on the go.

Soft copies can be read by many people at the same time in different locations,one don't have to wait for an individual to finish reading like the hard copies before passing down.

It can be stored with no form of depreciation for a very long time unlike hard copies that can tear any time.
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The convenience which soft copies books offers to readers is what makes it an easy choice for most. Not having to worry about how to carry the books around but to comfortably carry it on your smartphone is awesome. 
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I don't really mind the one I prefer to read among the two, but due to the challenges that comes with reading of soft copy books, I often going for hard copy. Challenges of soft copy are the straining of one's eyes on the screen as well as the consumption of battery life when reading it on devices. As for the effect, the brightness of the screen have on my eyes, I usually feel its damaging them. This is the main reason I don't like the soft copy of books.

On the other hand, I like my hard copy book, because it is convenient for me to read. Additionally, I like the smell it provides when I flip through the pages of the book I am reading. And being able have it held on my hands makes me feel some sense of closeness to it, which in turn raises my passion and reading time span for it.
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There are some people who are more comfortable reading hard copies of books than the soft copies. It may be down to the reason that you mentioned about the soft copies being difficult to read and the devices light keeps giving one's eyes troubles. 
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I prefer using hardcopy because its got lots of advantages  compared to a soft copy. For instance its easy to peruse through the pages than when you're using a soft copy which will end up wasting your beforee you get the page that you're looking for.Another disadvantage is that most of the soft copy devices need to be chargrd. In short, they depend on electricity meaning that without electricity your work will stop.
On the contrary, there are other advantages like for instance, you can read anywhere and not literally have to walk with books around everyone knows thats you're reading. Also, you can easily Google the words or things that you don't understand making work easy unlike when you're using a hard copy and takes time before you get a gadget
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As long as there is no electricity, it would be very hard to read from soft books copies for long because eventually the device battery would drain up. This is one of the downside of soft copies of books. 
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I have lots of books before. They are all great novels. But it was all drown in flood when there was a big flood we experience, year 2009. All of my books, even the academic ones were all drown. Since then, I recovered the copies of some of my books through online. I download free PDF copy of some of them and store it all on my folders. I read it when I have more time to read. Because of that, I choose to read Soft copies and I got addicted in downloading a lot of novels as soft copies. The problem arises when I need to charge my mobile just to able to finish a reading, and sometimes I can read with my mobile because I do not get used to bringing out my mobile outside when I am in public. During that time I wish I have hard copies of my favorite novel. For that reason, I bought a copy of book of some so that I can have hard and soft copy. I cannot choose. I think I needed it both.
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It's very normal to read both hard copies and soft copies because they are both very useful. The the good thing about hard copies is that they are more durable and don't get lost easily but soft copies are prone to virus attack and corruption. 
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I can read both soft copies and hard copies. I guess my mood and the environment at a particular time determines which one I opt for. They are both ideal to be honest but there are times when I just want to hold these hard copies  and go through them the traditional way, the book marking and all.

Soft copies are easier to purchase and just with a handheld device, you can have access to an entire library to pick from and you don't have to go through the hassle of purchasing from stores, missing copies and theft, worn out copies, stacking spaces.

Though, there are still times that the book in hand gives you more satisfaction especially when you need to get away from all the technology and be in a really peaceful atmosphere without any distractions.
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Soft copies are the best thing technology has ever brought books. It's so innovative and captivating to be able to read at will whenever you want because it can be read on phones, laptop, tablets, desktop computers etc. 

Hard copies are old school and you can never remove them from the equation because they are the foundation of all books. 
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I prefer soft copy books because they're easier to handle, and I'm not worried about breaking the cover or bending anything out of place when I read it. There's also something very satisfying about reading a book over and over again, to the point where it becomes soft around the edges. You can tell that a book is loved by how beat up it looks, and a hard-cover book just kind of takes that away. Soft cover books are also less fragile, since hard-cover corners are easily dented or broken off.

However, hardcover books are great if you want to read something once and then preserve it. As long as you're careful, then the book will look like it's mint condition after you read it.
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I read both hard copy and soft copy of books. But I prefer hard copy of book. Because, you know it has that type of feeling.
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I prefer reading hard copies of books. I can easily handle and understand the things when I read the hard copy. It is very challenging to read the soft copies of books for a long time. 

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