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Most of the freelancing sites that I work on always have a time that I reset for the next. Please, when do Answeree site reset for each day? 
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I think that it's around 12:00 GMT that the site resets because I have tried posting from that time after reaching my days post and it was posted. 

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This is also something I'm not so clear about on this site. I see the timing counts in one to twenty four hours so you can see the number of hours until it reaches twenty four. Hence I try as much as possible to make my answers within that frame because I believe everything resets afterwards.

However, I also found that you can keep answering questions irrespective of the hour provided you still haven't exhausted your limits. It seems like it resets after you have exhausted your seven answers. Which makes me think that every member on the site has his own personal reset time.

Most times I'm a little confused and I end up not completing my answers. I can also blame that on my very limited time schedule these days. It's a struggle to reach minimum .
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I am not sure, but when i am logging on the site on the same time or an hour more than the regular visits, I can post 7 answers, 5 questions and unlimited replies. I can know when I already used up 7 answer limit in a day because a note will reflect that I should try replying instead. I check the site, an hour more after my last log in yesterday to make sure that I already have more than 24 hours to get back my activity on the site. I remember i was back on the site in the afternoon and the site allows me to start my activity knowing that I had my activity last 18 hours. It happened once, that is why I do not get the exact hours the site will reset for another activity for us. I think if there will be a reset time, it will depends on the timezone because the site could be from another country like India.
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This is a very good question. I've been on answeree for over a month now. This means i've been on the site since the rule on ost per day was adjusted to 5 in a day, then later 7 in a day in order for new and existing members to be able to meet the cash out threshold by December 22. But believe me, am really not sure of the actual reset time for posts per day.

At some point, i thought it was the usual 24 hour routine when like other sites, which automatically reset by 12am, but I later realized i was wrong.

But recently i came to an underatanding. I think the actual reset time might have to do with your number of post within 24 hours. If you're able to make 7 post withing 24 hours, the eight post would be declined. You'd get a "too many answers received, please try again in 24hours, meanwhile you can reply", something like that.

What am saying is, there's no general time for a reset. It all has to do with your individual number of post within 24hours. Then you'll have to wait for the 25th hour or longer to continue on the posts.
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