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It depends on the discounts that the online site is offering. I feel that buying mobile phones from the internet on Black Friday is something that can work fine since there are great discounts on it. 
Most times, I would prefer to purchase any kind of clothes and fancy shoes on every black Friday because they are offered with more than 50% discount. 
Technologies and clothing for me is the best encounter I always seen in the market during Black Friday.

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First of all, I think it is pertinent that we understand what black Friday is all about which is that moment where we are able to buy products that are sold online at a very high discount rate and I think that this is the time that we should be making smart purchases.

When you take a look at how things always happen when those purchases are being done, you will agree with me that the best time that we should be getting gadgets such as smartphones and home appliances is during black Friday sales as you will always end up getting a huge discount that is going to make your feel okay and fine. Imagine when you end up paying $5 for a product that is being sold $7 before the black Friday which is a great price. People should also ensure that they buy from good dealers to avoid being cheated in the process.
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If you are into buying, then list things that you wanted to buy. Even if I suggest some things, you are not into it. It is your personal choice to buy things. Hopefully, you will consider the items that are useful for you.
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