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I'm a newbie too and I'm still exploring the site. I'm not yet familiar with this site. I learn a lot from the answers of others

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Without been told, you must have noticed that this is a question and answer platform, where members capable of doing the needful on the site join for free. It is a site where you're not only going to get paid for your insightful contribution, but as well as benefits from the knowledge been shared on the site. You are going to be developing yourself, and at the same time getting paid for providing answers to questions.

All that's expected of you, basically, is to provide straight to the point and meaning answers to questions. You can also ask relevant questions you too may have, make an intelligent reply to posts. During the course of doing all these, points would be alloted to you, which would serve as your earnings. For you to have your earnings withdrawn, you have to reach $30 as a minimum payout. And for you to know you've gotten to this amount, you must have accumulated up to 3000 points, after which you can request for payout.
For more information on the earnings, you can simply checkout the tab below this page, which is "answeree rewards program". From there all your curiosity about the site would be satisfied. You're welcome on board.
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Answeree is a Question and answer site where one can earn from either posting questions or answering the questions asked by others. You can either type a 120 words answers for a question to get paid or you just replied with a short answer to get a little pay. The site gives 10 points or cents for answers answered or a point or cent for replies and same 1 point or cent is received for a question asked.

The site has a post limit of 7 for each member and this is for answers only but one can make unlimited replies and questions per 24 hours.

You will need 3000 points or $30 to actually cashout and this will be after approval by the site admin.

If you are asking if the site is legit? Yes is the answer.i have received my first payment and gunning for the next payout.
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I'm a new here. Can you show me the screenshot of that transaction please. 
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The site Answeree is a site that pay you for answering questions. In general, it pays you to help people by answering their questions. Right now we have limited to 7 answer a day , 5 limited questions and unlimited replies. If you will answer a question, make sure that you have more than 600 characters or else click the reply button if your answer is less than that. You can create questions and it pays you 0.01, but make sure that your question is not the same as the questions already provided in the site. We earn our balance by taking advantage of the opportunity here. Once you get 3000 points, that is equivalent to $30 and you will get paid in Paypal. As you started, once you reach 300 points, you need to PM admin of the site so that you will be enrolled in the rewards program.
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How to PM the admin? Can I make 100 points a day here equal to 1$? How long before you reach payment?
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You can only have 70 points a day when you answer 7 questions and that is the limit to Answer. Reply is unlimited. Sharing a question limits to 5 a day. Just look for Answeree on Members tab and start PM them.

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