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I've been very active in Mylot before but now I find it is now a boring place for me. It's my first time here. I'm not expecting to earn a lot. I want to earn some but what is important is I enjoy. Can you compare the two sites?8-)

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I would say that answeree is better than mylot in many ways. On mylot, it is not clear for what you are paid. Whereas, here on answeree, you know for what you are paid. On mylot, even though your earnings are updated every one hour, it is all only broken peanuts. So, nothing much to cheer about.

Here on answeree, even though what they are paying is not so attractive and appreciable, it is better than mylot. Another big difference between the two sites is that while mylot is a discussion forum, answeree is a question-answer site. On mylot, I have seen that if the owner does not like your post for whatever reason, he/she simply pulls that down even without informing you. Here on answeree, such a thing never happens, I think so.
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These two sites are very distinct with different methods of operating and it is a little hard to make comparisons. Answeree is a question and answer site while mylot is more like a social community for social discussions and interactions.

Mylot is a community where you can have a following, interact with people on different topics, even have mini blogs and earn for that. You are paid in cents for your interactions and compared to answeree, the pay is much lower. Plus in Mylot you can interact as much as you want.

Whereas in answeree, you earn from asking, answering, and replying questions. Although you earn incentives from both sides, you'd definitely earn much more on answeree even when you invest the same amount of time.
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I'm also on Mylot but becoming very inactive there because of it slow pay and most importantly because we make money indirectly than directly like in Answeree where we post our answers and get paid for what we have posted. I don't like the idea of earning on Mylot where one only earn from others interaction, one can spend the whole day on Mylot and make just few cents that's if people interact on your post without any interaction even if you post the whole day, nothing comes out of it.
Answeree at least have a defined payment system where we know how we are paid and know how exactly we can earn working here but it isn't same with Mylot.The earning system on Mylot isn't defined so we only see an increased in account but don't know the workings.
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How can you compare mylot and answeree. If I was to compare answeree with some other site, I'll choose digital global. With Digital global, I can make up to $0.5 on a daily basis and with answeree, I can make up to 70 cents daily. At least this two we can compare them. With mylot, you'll chat for several hours from morning to evening and the most you can make is 30 cents.
The good thing with mylot is that its fun and you'll enjoy interacting with people and the topics are always awesome and enjoyable. Answeree is also fun but it requires long answers which makes it quite tiresome and boring at times. But then, I love answeree because its well paying like each answer goes at 10 cents. Answeree is the best q&a site  I know so far and can recommend.
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The new management of Mylot never lets me earn, maybe because I joined the site again but I never get active. I got bored easily. I found out that there is a different rate to those who are using the site in the  US compare to the International members. I had seen some of my friends from US that earns more that is why they are active and there are those from International that left the site already because the rate per discussion is small. I prefer Answeree as this site give us the opportunity to earn 0.70 a day if we will have 7 questions answered. The balance goes on as reply is unlimited. I experience working on Mylot for 0.03, so I rather worked here in Answeree. Both of the site are good and encourage everyone to be active but I prefer Answeree if we are about compare them.
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I prefer Answeree than Mylot. Before I joined in both of the sites, I have searched for the reviews. Reviews for the answeree is really good and convincing. But I have seen many negative comments for Mylot. I have tried both the sites. My experience is very good in Answeree. 
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