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My first job interview was when I was 19years old. I didn't have any idea neither did I have any idea what was expected from me. The first mistake i made was going to the interview with jeans. It was just about sales and marketing so i assumed that they don't look so much into the dressing code. When i reached the place, i was surprised and wanted to go back home because there were lots of people and all in official attire. But then, some inner voice talked to me and told me to wait and at least get to knoe the kind of questions that are asked.

Actually i answered all the questions well but then i was declined because they wanted someone with experience and someone who can work there longer because as for me I wanted something temporary because I was joining college in the next few months.
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Yes, I still remember my first interview. Actually, it is the one I always remember when I am about to have an interview. I remember it was a small company and the boss or the owner of the sites was the one that gave me a final interview. I was prepared to answer in English but the owner was speaking our own language so I started to speak the same. It went out fine and I got the job instantly. She even don't care if I have my requirements, she wanted me to start right away. I did. I lasted 2 years on that job and it was my first job. The second to the last interview so far, it was English and those are from a good company. I have been to 7 companies already and still the interview part gave me a goosebumps. I am still not prepared but I should always wear a self confidence.

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