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There are bunch of earning site that pay through Paypal and one of them is here Answeree, Toluna, Prueprofile, Opinionworld, Myopinion, etc.
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Personally, I recommend Fiverr. You can market your skills and pitch your services to buyers online, while making a decent profit on a very attractive website. Pays out in Paypal!

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There are so many sites you can work on to earn PayPal money but you need to work hard since most payment works with minimum payout and without getting the minimum no money for you.

If you have no skill you can start by posting on forums and blogs to get paid,you are already on Answeree then you can add mylot, defat. net, bulkcomments, forum coin , postloop and Beermoneyforum forum.

If you can go further and you can string words together effectively and perfectly you can try Contentgather.com

You can complete simple tasks on GPT sides like microworker,picoworker etc.

If you are in tier 1 country you can try some survey sites too.You can try Swagbucks,clixsense, Neobux, Mobrog, Global test market etc.
There are so many sites to get PayPal money but you must be active.
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You'll definitely have to work online in order to get PayPal money. There are so many sites online, like ptp sites, PTC sites, q&a site, freelance sites and among others. But then, I'll highly recommend PTP sites because you'll receive cash faster provided that you've attained the threshold faster. Some good PTP sites include, digital global, forum wheel, forum coin, beer money forum and your cash chat among other many forums. With these forums, you can be guaranteed at least $30 per month.
You can also try answeree although the threshold is some how high and will take you more than one month to accumulate $30. You can also consider checking dome article writing sites. The when you reach the threshold, you'll receive the payment in your account then from PayPal to your local wallet.
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PayPal is simply a company that offers most of the people working as freelancers the ability to withdraw their earnings from those websites that they work on. It is more like a virtual payment and transaction service where you are going to register and always make use of your details when you are trying to withdraw those earnings.

As a freelance writer or graphic designer or any other work that you are doing on the internet, this payment method gives you that chance to be able to get your rewards. I have also noticed that PayPal is the best when we are looking at the ability to make use of their services at an affordable rate which is pretty awesome. This is something that not other sites can be able to do for you.

I think this is the reason most of us make use of PayPal and why it is acceptable in most of the popular freelancing websites that we have out there.
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There are lots of ways to earn and be paid in Paypal. I have Forum Coin and it is a paid to post site where you will be paid per activity you do. I also have Humanatic, a call review site. You listen to calls and tag it on the right category. And then there is Zwerl, paid to chat sites and this site Answeree. These are all my sites that pay me through Paypal. I have my Paypal ever since 2006. I made sure that I have processed my payment processor first before having to start on my online sites. Other than that, there are lots of sites that pay through Paypal, but I am not a member of those sites. Even at Upwork, we are paid through Paypal. It is our trusted payment processor. You just need to do a research to know which sites that pays through Paypal.
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