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I've probably answered this question over a dozen times before. The future, future and future of artificial intelligence with undoubtedly affect humans in the wrongest way possible. Believe it or not.

Don't get me wrong, artificial intelligence is one of man's greatest strive yet. But just like every other inventions made by us, they are bound to develop problems along the way. Do you honestly believe we can contain or fix any dangerous general malfunction with all artificial intelligence when there's millions of them in the society. My answer is no.

Take for instance our common devices like mobile phones, mac and computers. They often develop problems which in most cases are resolved by repairs or system internal upgrades. But there are times when the problems developed get really complicated that we are unable to fix them.

Now, imagine an artificial intelligence robot developing one of those complicated issues. Many things can go wrong including destruction. And since they're built to be smarter than us, imagine the amount of effort and time it will take to bring them under control.

Another issue I believe we'll face with artificial intelligence is when they begin to weaponize them. Every major world power won't want to miss having an army of artificial intelligent robots as it will give an upper hand in battle. But remember that these robots will be built with brains that work around probability. Hence, certain choices we make as humans due to basic instincts would be dismissed by a robot. This will make them very and more dangerous.
Hacking is another issue to be faced with artificial intelligence. Just like our modern technologies, robots of the said nature will also be vulnerable to hacks which can be used for ulterior motives. They can be used to stage robberies, commit other crimes and even used for murder.

This last point is probably the most important reason why I feel robotic artificial intelligence will affects us negatively. Am talking about labor force. Ushering intelligent robots into society will have us competing in the labor market. How many job seeker will be able to knock out artificial intelligence on a job test?

Drawing from all said above, it is of my opinion that artificial intelligence will surely help man in achieving more heights, only if we can be able to put them under actual checks and control. But if not, the world as we know it will become very unpleasant to live in.
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The world is evolving at that rate where we are moving towards a life where artificial intelligence will be appreciated by a whole lot of people. The situation that we are in at the moment can't be categorically said to involve a clear understanding of what is happening when we look at the jobs provided for people. People are getting worried that when artificial intelligence develops to one extent, it is going to affect the way that they get jobs.

One thing that I always say is that if the government can provide jobs, make the environment one where private sectors can be able to make jobs available for people, then there's this tendency that artificial intelligence is going to aid production and not go against it. We should look forward to enjoying the benefits of artificial intelligence in the future.
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The world is always progressing from one stage to another and it's exactly what we are witnessing in the use of artificial intelligence in most of the things people make use of on daily basis.

You can very well remember the first computer which was developed and compare what it is we have in the world now with the manner of robust computers we have at this very moment in time.
Take it to the smartphone designed and developed by phone scientists, they have blown away our imagination beyond anything that we can expect. Before we have Java mobile phones and they seemed to be the best in the world back then but now Java phones are outdated and being replaced with Android and Apple devices.
Now, the use of robots to replace the power of human labor is the next in line.
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  1. It is the method by which machines demonstrate certain aspects of human intelligence like learning and self-correction.
  2. it is used in various technologies.
  3. various technologies like face recognition, data analysis, cybersecurity, Transport, various labs, emotion bots, marketing, and advertising.
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