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If you can't handle such office mates try to ignore your feeling towards that person, and try to adjust yourself not to overthink about it..
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Well, I would simply focus on my own job and ignore the fellow coworker who is proving to be too difficult. 

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I know most people who are working offline jobs can easily relate with this. I don't there is any working place that don't have difficult-to-deal-with people. Apparently, they are every where in work places. And they are those people that are into office politics. They love to gossip, backbite and they take delight in slandering other people's names that don't do what they are into. And at times, they are the old staff in those work places.

Funny enough, I have found myself in situation like this, and it wasn't one or two places but as many as I can remember. And from what I have deduced about myself, is that I am the type easy love by many, but easily hated by those who wants me to live according to their own expectations. And I am not the type that compromise on my values just to be accepted by people. How did I manage to deal with these difficult officemates that don't like my guts?

Honestly, I tried not to give them undue prominence by not dignifying what they say about me. I also try as much as possible, we don't have any form of altercation like exchanging of words or insulting ourselves. I respect myself which automatically would cause them to respect me, and I do same to them. If there's a task that needs to be done as a team, I ensure they don't become a clog in my wheel in doing my own bit in ensuring the task is successful.
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I can speak for myself as I am experiencing that kind in the office. I am sad that I have to deal with her everyday. He is a 50 years old immature old woman that are very sensitive. I remember when I was answering her call in the office. She wants to talk to one of my officemate but I answered the call. She was very angry and fuming because I answer the call. I answered the call because it was my office local phone she was calling and the officemate she wants to talk with has different local numbers. She was fuming because I answer the call. If you are a person with maturity you will not going to do that. What is the fume about answering the phone, it was my local number after all? I have the right to answer that. Since then, i do not talk to her. I only civil about her. Even making friends with her, I really don't do that. I rather go on my way. Everyone find her as a struggle at the office.
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As we are all different facially so is our attitude to life. Some people live a very simple life while others like everything complicated and turn every simple thing to a mountain, more like making a mountain out of a molehill

I have encountered some very nasty officemate and I came to realize it never about us but them.Some just have inferior complex, some people are having personal issues which the transfer to others and stuff like this.
What I do personally is to ignore those with bad attitude and just settle with their good sides,talk to them about issues you feel they should know about.Avoid confrontation it worsen the situation,if it needs reporting to your supervisor to help sort things out then go ahead.Just do what will bring positive energy.
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The stark reality about life is that no matter how we look at things, there is always that situation where we are going to find ourselves having that difficulty to relate better with everyone. This is just life and since I discovered that our characters will always be different, I have decided to look at life from that point where you won't have to please everyone.

One of the immense and effective way that I have really related well with those kind of people is by the way that I try not to criticize or condemn their actions when I am with the other folks that work in the same environment with them. This way, I can be able to live at peace that no matter how much that I react to them, they are always going to do the things that will work fine. So, by not criticizing them, I tend to have a good understanding with them in the long-run.
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answered by LEGEND (6,395 points) 6 14 36

What I usually do is minding my own business. I have been in such  scenerio before during my first job and things weren't really good for me. She literally used to despise me probably because I was new to the work and used to make mistakes and since she was my partner, she felt like I was dragging her behind.What used to help me is that, I used to just focus on my work and with time I was good. 

Generally, whatever you're doing just give it your best. Don't do for the sake of pleasing some people or because you're getting paid. Let integrity guide you always. You might find yourself in such a situation and you end up in an argument with them and you might end up losing your job. And it's not always good to start arguments with your fellow workmates. Just play cool with everything.

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I think that there are just some people whom when dealing with them, you need to be extremely civil. Everyday you come across people who have different orientation and different ideas about life and how things should be. Hence you'd be interacting with different kinds of people at the office.

The best way to deal with the difficult ones is to first try and understand them. This way, you'd know the things to avoid when it comes to such people. Always be yourself at the same time and do not try to please everyone at your own expense. Mind your business and just do your work.

If you try as much as possible to stay away from any tension ,you'll find that is is a very exhilarating feeling. Sometimes, those kinds of people only enjoy the attention they get.
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There are some people who are simply pain in the flesh to deal with especially at one's workplace. The funny and annoying thing is that it's going to be very difficult or impossible to avoid not getting caught up in their drama most of the time when you are trying everything humanly possible to stay out of their hairs and be free from their problems.
Seriously, individual differences plays a huge role in making some co office workers not be the understanding type of persons which makes working with such people somehow a hellish experience for most people. But in my opinion, it's only death that lacks no real solution. So, when I'm so unfortunate to have such kind of persons as my office work mates, I will always try to mind my business at all cost.

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