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For now I'm currently using acer z630s , this is a old phone.. i want to Change it but i dont have money to buy new 

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Currently, I am making use of an android tecno phone called pouvoir 2. For me, it's one of the best phone I have ever used due to it battery capacity, and it processor speed. It has all the specifications anyone could desire in a modest phone required for day to day operation of data and information. Before this my current phone, I was using a brand of phone that wasn't in line with what an ideal phone should be. But ever since the acquisition of this tecno, my orientation has drastically been altered.

Basically, what made me to opt for this brand of phone, is the battery. The battery capacity has the tendency of lasting a whole day with intense usage without it not going flat. It runs on battery with 5000mAH. As for the android version, it runs on Oreo 8.1 with both frontal and back cameras, which can capture images with utmost clarity. As for the memory storage, it has 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM.

Another interesting feature it has, is the face ID and back fingerprint security. With all these awesome features, I see it as a perfect bargain for anybody that loves good brand of phone.
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Wow! That's awesome!!! Tecno is a very good company. I also use a Tecno phone.
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I think that being part of the smart phone family has really been beneficial to me since I made use of the first Itel phone that I used. Something that I have enjoyed about making use of Android phone is that it has enabled me to have access to a whole lot of websites that I work as a freelancer.

From the time that I started this work, I have really enjoyed my time as one can get to see the big benefits of working on those sites as you get to learn as well as earn. Also, you are always able to make a whole lot of wonderful friends that can get to be with you in the period when you need them.

My photo capturing experience has really improved as well simply because I am always able to take nice photos with my recent Techno device which has got a nice camera pixels.
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I am using iPhone 6s now, I am happy with it but I am thinking of going back to android. I always use android ever since and just got curious about apple product. so I took some chances to try apple product and the first one was iPhone 5s, and it got me thinking I love the camera effect than my previous HTC brand phone. I was happy with htc but, I have big problem with their storage capacity that is why I went to Apple products because they have huge capacity and good RAM. I am using too the iPad Mini first generation but, my second child throw it many times on the floor causing a hair crack line of the glass. Now I put it on sale and whatever I earned from it I will just add up and buy another iPad. I love iPad since they go lagged unlike android tablet, they easily get lagged.

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