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Cheating in examination is a very common thing to most students. 

Did you cheat in exams in the past? 
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As far as I remember I don't practice cheating when I'm a student. I enjoy learning and I really study hard during exam. I'm not happy cheating. I'm satisfied when I really study hard

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I don't want to sounds too righteous but I detest cheating and cheaters alike because I know it a very wrong thing to engage in and in my school then defaulters were heavily punished and sometimes there was outright explusion if one is caught.So why would anyone want to engage in cheating than doing the right thing of reading and writing one's tests or examination.

I didn't  need one to tell me about the pains of cheating I figured it out myself. I think it mostly lazy students that engage in such act because I believe if we focus with reading and paying attention in class we can do well academically than just cheating.

Another thing is cheating makes one not to be brilliant since one can read, analysed and come up with ones understanding of what have been taught.
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I will have to be truthful, there are those subjects back then when I was a student in the secondary school that was pretty difficult for me to handle. The annoying thing back then was that no matter how I try to handle this kind of situation, it keeps making me feel bad since my score weren't improving. This made me to look to that perspective where I can be able to have some outer assistance with my notebook when I am trying to write some test or exams.
Subjects such as chemistry and biology were nothing to write home about when we talk about how I worked well to become better.

However, while I was in the University, cheating was something that I was ready to take part in since I was doing a course which I was really happy to be part of.
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Yes, I cheat during an exam when I was a student. I am not that intelligent and I am weak with Math. I don't know anything about Math and I only know the basic. Even if i try to study, for sure it will never be enough for what the other student that is good for Math know. I only do that to survive. Everyone is doing that during that time. Even the most intelligent students were an ally and they allowed it to happen. It was a good camaraderie of students, but I have to admit it is not ideal. Student should learn from their notes and from what the teacher teaches them. if they don't know or they are having difficulty with a certain subject they should ask for help to those who know it. It is not good to cheat, but we are all human and we do it once in a while to survive something.

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