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Vomiting is symptom very common to some people when they are ill. 

Do you vomit whenever you are ill? 
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No, I don't but, it really depends on how really sick you are.

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Short answer is No


Vomiting is not caused by all deseases and sickness is not the only reason for vomiting.

I got vomits sometimes like while traveling, after eating outside, after drinking alot of whiskey but not when I was sick

You can avoid vomiting by Breathing fresh air all the time, avoiding strong odored medicines, Always eating only home made food, avoiding excess drinking of alcohol to great extent. Smelling fresh lemon during journey is very helpful if you have vomit problem during journey.

Vomiting may indicate food poisoning, allergy, overeating, gastritis, ulcer or bulimia etc.

If vomiting lasts more than one day please call the doctor otherwise things may turn seriously bad.
Or if there is any blood in vomit or if you have serious headache or stiff neck, or serious abdominal pain, rapid breathing or pulse. You should seek immediate medical care
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Yes and no. As for me, vomiting during sickness depends on the gravity of the sickness. It is not every time I fall sick, I usually vomit. There is minor sickness, i will suffer that it might not cause me to vomit. But other times, I can be so sickness-ridden that vomiting and other symptoms would become inevitable.

The good thing I liked about my health is that, I don't usually fall sick, but whenever I do, it often get out of proportion that it can last more than one week. And during this period, vomiting is among the symptoms that would characterize the whole sickness. Sincerely, this is most dreadful moment of my life, because it renders me completely helpless with the series of uncontrollable symptoms including vomiting.
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No, I think it depends on your illness. When I am sick, I feel weak. I sometimes have difficulty in balance and I feel dizzy. I do not feel like vomiting but I can't breathe. My mother will see me having pale face and I am perspiring. Sometimes, when I am sick, the feeling of vomiting happens first and I am okay. After a while I will feel a fever or I was having colds. Sometimes I have fever and then I vomit in the evening. I think vomiting is a reaction of our body that foreign matters or germs are taking over our body and we are lacking good bacteria to save ourselves. That is why we are given a dextrose for the lost nutrients when we vomit. I really hate the feeling of vomiting to be honest because it crashes my throat and I feel really sick.
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Even though I don't get sick as often and not as usual as others do, I know I'm very proned to throwing up. I get irritated by the slightest things and it makes me nauseous. Hence I don't have to be sick to throw up but the few times I fall ilI, I tend to feel that urge.

Even by just looking at something really disgusting, I am irritated already. Certain odour, smell and even fragrance can put me off too. The best I do is to try as hard as possible to avoid those nauseating things. Although I've really controlled this feeling and it doesn't come as hard as it used to.

I know of many people that rarely get irritated and seldom throw up even when they are critically ill. Maybe it has a lot to do with your body system and other factors too.
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I do vomit a times when sick but not actually always. Vomiting  is one of the most unpleasant symptoms we have to endure when we get certain illnesses. Although it is most commonl caused by gastroenteritis  also known as stomach flu. People also deal with vomiting during pregnanc, after taking medication.
When we are sick with viral illness that leads to vomiting, the lining of the stomach or GI tract is typically flamed and irritating. When I try to eat or drink I further get irritated. Some times the irritations is so bad or the reflex is so sensitive that it causes the continuation of the vomiting even after my stomach is empty. I even vomit bile or dry heave.

So I usually get avomil drug from pharmacy then mix it with water and drink or sip gradually to stop the irritation aand vomiting.
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Vomiting is one of my worst fears. I don't understand where the fear comes from, but I fear vomiting, it causes so much panic in me. Funny when I vomit, I feel like am loosing breathe its a bad feeling really. Sometimes I ask myself, I see pregnant women complain so much in their first trimester how they vomit every morning, others it can go on throughout the day, how am I supposed to live with that? It scares me quite a lot not knowing what will happen to me then. How am I supposed to cope? That's a question that I will get to answer for myself when I get to that bridge. Feels like a lot to worry about. I pray that when I get there its not going to be a case of bed rest or tablets to keep me from vomiting.its hard to comprehend but I guess its something I will have to deal with.

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