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What is the reason my earnings are not going up instead going down?

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I just had a look at your account from your profile and noticed that you have sent nine thanks to those that have answered questions that you asked on the website. It may interest you to know that for each of those nine thanks that you gave cost you one point. This is how the sites works as giving thanks means that you are going to sacrifice one of the points that you've got for that.

Also, when I take a look at the way that you have working, I think that you need to do so much to meet up with the deadline that is upcoming on when the website is going to go for an upgrade. So, there is need for you to show more passion on how you answer questions as well as making replies coupled with the questions that you ask as well. I don't joke with this job as my sole aim is to keep pushing till I can be able to become known among the people here.
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Will my earning gone after the site close down and do some changes? What will happen if I don't reach payout minimum? Thank you
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I doubt your statement is correct because I have been on this site for a while and even got my first payment but I have never noticed any reduction in my earnings. Maybe you might be asking about why your earnings hasn't taken a flight I will think because you are doing more of replying and questioning and maybe little or no answers to questions. Doing only questions and replies will only give you 1 cent or point per post while answering questions will give you 10 points or cents per post.So maybe you have to start adding answers to your earning task.

But if on the other hand you are sure your points are actuslly been reduced then it a cause for concern,you just have to contact the admin.members might not help.Thr admin should be able to solved that.
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If your question is asked correctly and your earnings did drop down, then I'm very sure that there must be a reason for that to happen. Even though I'm still new to the site, I have some people whom I know to have been here for a long time and none of them have experienced such problems in the past with their earnings being cut down.
What I'm trying to say is that maybe you have breached some of the forum rules and regulations with posting which led the administrative team to cut down your earning when you request for withdrawal. I have seen this kind of thing happened in some other sites. When you send for payment withdrawal, your account would be checked as well as your posts before the payment would be approved. So, when there are irregularities in your account, it's bound to affect your pay.

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