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I would like to collect dresses for my baby on my travels. But without knowing if it's a boy or girl I can't select accordingly. In my country determining or disclosing gender of a baby is a criminal offense. Is there any other way to find the sex of my baby?

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Look at your belly. If you are carrying low then most probably it's a girl. Again look at the back of your neck. ( Use a mirror considering you are pregnant). If the back of your neck is more darker as normal as you were, then it's a sign that you are carrying a boy. If there are more movements in the early stage of pregnancy, then a baby girl is on the cards. Experienced moms can help you in this matter.
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Actually trying out to have blood sample, could know the sex of your baby. There is what they call Pink or Blue DNA pregnancy test. However, at home as generation of moms have become moms, they can tell if you are having a boy or a girl depending on how your bump look like. If it is poop out high, then it is a girl. If it is low, then it is a boy. Even the size of your bump could be one. If the size of your bump is like a ball, then it is a boy, but when it is wide, then it is a girl. Also with morning sickness, if you are having it all the time, then you are having a girl, no morning sickness when you have a boy. Also, when a mom looks beautiful during her pregnancy, it means it is a girl, a boy can make them look ugly. Moreover, those are just observation of moms based on experience. It is not bad to rely but not to expect though.

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