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My psychologist say I have this. I've been paranoid with some people around me planning harm to me. I don't hear voices in my head. I can't believe I have schizophrenia

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Well, hearing voices in your head is just one among many symptoms of schizophrenia. If you have the constant feeling of confused thinking, false beliefs, depression, anxiety and unable to sometimes accept reality, then your psychologist might be right. But it doesn't mean it's necessarily so, some other health related issue are closely associated with these same symptoms, as those of schizophrenia.

Going back to your description, you made a comment about people close to you who intend on harming you. Have you had such experience before? Has any of your suspicions come to pass? Why do you think people are out to harm you?

I don't want to sound like your psychologist, but the answers to the questions above might be the defining moment of your sanity or health state. And it's probably the reason why your psychologist thinks you have it.
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My only problem is being suspicious  and paranoid that some people are plotting to harm me and it happens many times. I react violently and became very angry.
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I'm grateful that people in my country are really coming to terms with mental health disorder because before now people never thought it could be a health problem they attributed it to witchcraft and other dabolical means. But in this time and age this notion is really changing.
Mental health is real and people have  come to accept it now. We now have experts, counsellors, therapists working tirelessly to help mental disorder patients. But what I wish they should do more is to spread the gospel of mental disorder to the ignorance ones that tend to victimize people with mental health issues.
I will advocate that people with mental disorder should seek help immediately,not until one starts hearing things in the head. One should get the needed help.

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