I am a teacher by profession. In my experience it's a difficult job disciplining students and talking loud to your students even if they don't listen
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My sister in law is a teacher and I have notice she is very busy person. Even some weekends she need to attend some seminars and she barely can have time with her children.
Being a teacher is a noble and tough job. It is indeed a tough job to discipline children and children have different attitudes and environment where they come from. It is a tough job to teach them the lesson and the right thing.

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I feel like screaming that it isn't an easy job at all and I always applaud any teacher I meet because like my country teachers are lowly paid for a very huge task like teaching another.

I had my first hand experience when I was posted to a school to teach during my mandatory National youth service Corp year.i really used to admire some of my high school teachers then and thought I should experience same and maybe take up an appointment for a year or two. But alas I couldn't even wait for my service year to be over to dump the task and the thought of it. I was just too exhausted. It isn't even about the teaching the job itself is tasking.

Writing note of lesson,marking register, reading daily to be able to impart effectively, tske up morning devotions, be in school to keep the environment neat and oversee the entire affairs of the school. It a tiring job for a lowly paid one.
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Teaching is always a nice profession that I always cherish back in those days as I was growing up as kid. I am someone that enjoys demonstrating and that was one of the reasons I see this teaching profession as one that is going to fit my type of person. However, I never got the time to be part of any teaching area till the moment that I graduated from the University and got into my compulsory service year to the nation.

This was the first time that I got to see how good or bad that the profession that I have always admired is. To be frank with you, teaching profession is one that you are not going to enjoy some great free time unless you really want to be a bad teacher. Often times, you will always be seen try to make things comprehensive for the kids that remain confused after you are done with teaching.
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Teaching job or profession is the best profession in the world not only because it educates the Nation but it serves as the basis for every development and it a Nation lacks the quality of it, such Nation will always retrogress.
I must confess that, teaching job is the most difficult task or job in the world and it can only be done most efficiently when the teacher is inspired with or by passion. As people will always say; " teacher's reward is in heaven". Such statement is never exaggerated,  because if we consider or examine the necessisities involved in a sound learn from lesson plan to lesson note then down to passing of the real message a to assessments and evaluation. One will be convinced that; ; teaching is very tasking. And it takes only the grace of God.
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According to what I know, beinga teacher is a calling. Its same as being a pastor. Not everyone can teach. It must come within you and you must have that passion of passing knoeldeg knowledge and besides all, you must have that talent of passing information from one person to another. At least the students should be in a position to understand you.  Lately, most of the people are taking education just as a business or money generating activity. They offer less information but don't care whether the students have benefited or not.

About disciplining students, i don't think it's in the curriculum. What we should do is try as much as possible to instill good morals in the students. Let them know what's right and what's wrong and let their common sense guide them.
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Am not a teacher and neither do I have any experience teaching pupils. But from my past experience as a student, I know being a teacher is a tough job.

Being a good teacher isn't just about having the basic knowledge and equipping yourself with studies from research in order to educate pupils, this is one almost any focus person can execute. But the part that makes you an actual teacher, are situations where you have to employ discipline and make certain you're heard as a teacher.

This takes me back to my early school days. They were some teachers which were generally disliked by students. Not because they didn't know what they were doing, but because their style of teaching and methods wasn't quiet effective. Most student would end up bored through out the period.

My point is, a good teacher isn't just about passing knowledge, it's also about understanding your students and devicing the best way possible to teach. So, yes again, being a teacher is really a tough job to take on.
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It is not easy job to be a teacher. I studied to be teacher. I also think to become online teacher one  day but i have anxious.
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I am a teacher and I know what it is being a teacher. It is a tough job in the sense that the job keeos you awfully busy to the point of being unsocial. A teacher gets hardly any time to socialize. I can rather say that the job is very demanding. In other words a teacher has to keep herself updated according to the course she teaches and also the students way of acceptance and comprehension.

A teacher often has to adapt new methods to be candid in her explanation.I we view teaching in this perpective, teaching is a tough job, but for me it's an intesting and job satisfying job. 


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teacher is not a tough job. Teacher is very comfortable job. 
being a teacher is the toughest job, sometimes we may think they don't do enough, but the truth of the matter is that teachers should in fact be accorded the highest respect especially those who teach at the kindergarten level, it's not an easy job to get a child of 4 or 5 years to hold a pen and know how to read and write their name.
That's the spirit.Keep up your spirit and you become a successful teacher throughout you life.
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None of the job is difficult in life until somebody thinks that it's difficult. The teacher is the best profession to serve the society. The things you are calling tough are actually the challenges in the job. It's not easy to teach a lesson about the discipline. It's absolutely normal, nowhere in the world you would find the children who follow to be disciplined. The children want to play around, do something creative, explore things, do innovative things, fight with each other over silly issues etc. Once they will understand that the life is not about these small things they will get to know the real meaning of the discipline. So, you need to politely teach them the lessons with the help of stories. You may also teach them the lessons from the Religious texts like Geeta, Bible, Quran etc. They will easily learn the lessons by the stories.
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No Job is tough If people love the job. If you really wants to be a teacher, then the Job won't be difficult for you. Generally, It is difficult to maintain different types of person. Teacher should deal with different persons with different mind sets. It's a kind of tough job. But If one love to be deal with different kind of people, then it is not tough. 
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It is tough when dealing with stubborn students, they make your teaching miserable and delay your classes. The next thing if you have long hours of classes that can also affect your energy level. It is worst in Africa were the take home pay for teachers are menial. 
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Yes being a teacher is a tough  job because it is very demanding and also very tiresome.As a teacher you spend more time in teaching different students who are both fast learners and slow learners and it's a duty to ensure bith students understand the subject.
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I think being a teacher is a tough job. It is not easy to deal with naughty students. I am a virtual teacher and it is not easy to deal with them online. It is not my profession. That is why it is a big challenge for me. But I am trying to enhance my teaching skills.
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Dealing with 30,40 or even more different individuals in an hour; doing it about 4 hours a day with different classes;  that's at least 120 different individuals to deal with every day. Not to mention you also have to deal with some of the parents...

Then the preparations, the making of test questions, computing of grades... then did I mention dealing with the parents already? 

Naaahh... It's an easy job

Of course, you know that the last line was me being sarcastic.  

I'm not a teacher by profession by I'm teaching for the love of teaching and I know, there are some factors aside from 'teaching' itself that make it a tough profession. Then again, it is a noble one. 
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Yes being teacher is very tough job because you have to handle while class and give attention to everybody in class. If you are teacher of small children then things automatically got worst. But if you are passionate about teaching then it will be easy for you.
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Being a teacher is a tough job. They replace the mother's responsibility to teach their child moral lessons in the school. They are the second parent to students. Being a teacher is a respectable job.
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I consider teaching as a tough job. Since you have to teach a child and nurture him or her on certain behaviors which might be the opposite from their background. Even punishing and correcting some kids becomes a problem. I salute teachers for their hard work and their never give up attitude. 
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