I develop insomnia for having anxiety. One day I find it hard to sleep and the next day too. Now I fear everyday that sleep may not come. Some days I sleep okay some days I can't sleep for up to 3 days
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I tell you this is happening to me some time ago and sometimes it will come back if stress will hit me. First,is when I was still pregnant with my second child, I couldn't sleep at night and the main reason is stress. Second, is two days after I have my baby I could not sleep no matter what is I do even I am so sleepy. So, below are my tips for you to do.

First, determine the problem or the roots of causing your insomnia. Once you determine this you can do the next step.

Second, once your discover the reason, try to eliminate this.
Third, practice the tips below.

1. Try to schedule what time you go to bed and waking up in the morning. This is very important as your body needs to adjust your routine.

2. Eliminate alcohol if you drink and smokes if you smoke. This is hard but try.

3. Limit your naps.While napping is very helpful but it would help you to sleep during the night.

4. Regular exercises. Exercising helps your body to improve sleep but do not exercise before bedtime.

5.Make your bed comfortable. The bed is the most exciting part of the house, try to change your bedding more often as possible and used soft cotton materials.

6. Get all your worries and reduce stress. Avoid overthinking before you go to bed and try to watch a beautiful movie so you can sleep better.

7. Drink warm milk before bedtime. It is believed that drinking warm milk before bedtime can help you to fall asleep.

8. Yoga exercises. Yoga exercise will help you to maintain your concentration and find your inner thoughts. This will help you feel relax and reduce insomnia.

Please always remember that whatever you do, you have to stick to it and discipline yourself.
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The most probable reason is that you're kind of stressed and your mind isn't at peace. You really need to relax and take things easy. Another reason could be, you're taking very long naps during the day. If this is the reason, then you better avoid taking naps at all. Try as much as possible to have a balanced diet accompanied with plenty of water. This help so much.

Also, you can try sleeping early let's say like 9 or 10 and if still you don't get any sleep, I'll suggest you take some sleeping pills. Don't overwork your self so much,your body also needs some time to rest and compose itself. With all the things have mentioned above am very much sure they'll work and if they don't, then you should consider checking with your doctor but before that, try using some sleeping pills.
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I can tell  you for free that what you need to do first and importantly is to treat your underlying problem or problems.you wouldn't get a peaceful sleep with drugs or any other substance if the root cause of your problem isn't tackled.No need of one barking a tree from the branches,when the Taproot is still firm in the ground apparently it will grow back.

So first thing first you must kill your aniexty.Being anxious for and because of anything doesn't solve any problem,it just like one being on a rocking chair where it rocks one forward and backward,no end in sight. Deal with your problems and be done with so that you will be able to sleep properly.
You should know problems is part of life and as such we should always expect them but the power to overcome them is the strength. So fight it headlong and stop running from it.
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Seriously, it's very worrying when you find it very difficult to sleep at night especially at night when you are supposed to sleep when other people are having their night sleep in peace but you wouldn't find your own sleep no matter how much you tried. I have suffered from this sickness of insomnia for a long time in my life in the past and I must confess that it wasn't something funny that should be taken lightly.

Not being able to sleep for days can drive someone mad with post traumatic stress disease (PTSD). It can also cause high blood pressure (HBP) or low blood pressure (LBP) which has the power to kill someone suffering from it when it drops too low. Sometimes, psychological problems can be the cause of one having problems to sleep. Try and see your doctor for proper treatment.
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