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Yes l am a fan of Barbie dolls. I like bags and tshirts with Barbie. I also like watching movies with Barbie

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When I was younger I was given a Barbie by my grandmother for Christmas. She was a firm believer that all young girls should play with dolls. I had other ideas about what I wanted to play with and dolls were not one of them. I feel that nobody should force dolls upon girls and think that they should enjoy them and play with them. My granddaughter has a collection of Barbie dolls that are given to her each year for Christmas by her other grandmother. She feels they are a waste of space in her room and she wants to get rid of them. Not every child is a Barbie fan and I feel like Barbies are highly over-rated and each year they try and improve them and make them better. In reality, they are still the same as the one I got, except now they can bend and twist.
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I fell in love with pink because of barbie. That is like the signature color. When I was a kid, I was really crazy about the doll. I would make my mother buy me barbie toys. The ones with a collection. I would watch barbies cartoons, read stories and try to dress like the doll.

I started collecting stickers of barbie and Disney Princesses. I made slum books  and add the stickers to each page, gave the book to my friends to fill up. Everyone had a special sticker to their name. Looking back, it was really so much fun.

I still love the concept of barbie but not like when I was a little girl. I can admire from a far but I wouldn't go head over heals for the character anymore. All that was child's play that I've outgrown a long time ago. Perhaps when I have a daughter.

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