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It happens that i grow up without any baking experience until i lived in a place where oven exists. Since then i feel interested in baking stuff and i started to bake chocolate cake. And after that, i started to encourage myself to practice baking. What about your story in baking?

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I love to cook but I am not good in baking. But it is my dream to be a good baker. I need to have all equipments to start baking. Wish in the future I can bake more breads and cakes
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That's what i want to do too. I used to read other bakers on social media pages their trial and error and success stories, and this inspires me.

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Honestly, baking is something that I wish that I can learn as soon as I can. I have been living a life that doesn't give me the opportunity to learn a skill or another and this is something that is pretty poor of my attitude. I always tell my mom back then when we were kids that I look forward to the time when I can be able to bake cakes for her so that when she is hungry, she can take it. This is a situation that we always laugh over as the excitement of baking always make me feel great and super.

However, it is pretty sad that I am not going to make this goal to come to pass since I became an adult which is sad for me. I always want to make money as a baker and I believe that they earlier that I should start looking at making this kind of dreams to be possible, the better that it is going to help me.
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There is age limit from learning in baking, If you have the opportunity grab it. You can do this at your home if you an oven and use youtube as your mentor and guidance. 
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I think I will have to give this to my mum she did a great job teaching all her kids how to be domesticated including how to cook and bake. I really used to help my mom bakes years ago. We could bake all sorts and I learned my mom style of baking not forgetting the times I also help my sisters out too and I started baking mine too.Then I really used to like junks even more than food so I really used to liked baked goods and the only way I could have alot of them will be by baking them myself.

I can bake  anything I want to now few years down the line. I can make delicious and healthy snacks for my kids. What I do now is to download a new recipe and make the same snacks in different style and form, so that it looks very different but it still the same snacks we are used to baking.
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You are doing a great job, continue doing it because baking is fun thing to do.

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