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I am planning to buy a home but I don't know where to start and what are the things needed.
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I want a new home or house because our house is old. Will you buy house and lot? We have a land or lot but we don't have money yet to rebuild our house

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Well, indirectly for now yes because I have acquired the land already for my home and trying to gather money for a befiiting structure which will be the home for my family.My dad did a marvelous job with his and gave us a good resting home that we can always run back to and I really want to do same.

I don't want to start the building with borrowed money,I have had some money kept away in my fixed deposit so I might decide to withdraw that and use it for now.i didn't like the idea of just buying a completed home it might not give me what I truly need like the designs and materials used so I  opted to do things my way from scratch so as to get everything my own way. So I rather not buy a home which I have not bought anyway. But will rather build my home on my land.
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That's sounds good for you, Jerry. I wish you all well with that. My partner and I are planning to buy a home but, we don't want to borrow either. We are keep trying to save for it.
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I just can give only one advice - be practical and look carefully after materials, general planning and cost. We spent a lot time looking for a good company to build a house, as most of them create bad projects. Most houses are not nice or too much expensive, or just have bad planning. When we finally earned enough money, we chose, as their projects seems nice and not so expensive. Now we are happy and don`t have any troubles with it. Our house is not so big, but very comfortable.))))smiley

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I have purchased two homes in the past and they were both sold. My first home was a fixer-upper and it took a lot of work to fix up the home so we could live in it. The second home I bought was a brand new home and it was beautiful and nice but I just did not feel good in this home. Then I sold this one-off and when I moved here I decided to buy a piece of land and build my own home. This is the home I have lived in for 23 years now and it is the one I love the most. 

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