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I am a newbie here and I was asking question and answering some questions. I have answered 4 question,but after that I could not answer any question but I can reply into it. What's going on?
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Because you are the one who asking for it and why would ypu answer your own question? You can do reply to someone who andwered your question.

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I am not sure what is all about, maybe the site lesser the amount of limit. I remember it has 7 questions to answer a day. That is the number of question we can answer in a day and after that we can only post 5 question and the reply is still unlimited. I was absent yesterday because I need to rest from working. Maybe without my knowledge the site change the amount or the limit per day. I will try today if that will happen to me and I will get back to you once I proved something. For now I will post some more and let see what happens. This question of yours is the number 5 questions I answered today. I think I will move forward to another 2 if there is no problem in limit or if the limit is still the same. I assume that when you started your activity, you started near the reset time.
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I notice that if too many question or answer given the system will not allow you to do so. Doing reply is the best option as its unlimited.
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It is still 7 answer, 5 questions and unlimited replies that I experienced on the site. It still gives more than 70 points a day so we need to take advantage of that. 
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If everything being equal, one is permitted 7 answers, 5 question and as many replies as possible, as long as your replies aren't spam in nature. 
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I haven't noticed this because until yesterday I was still able to answer 7 questions on my own account.Are you sure you wouldn't able to answer more questions or your network connection couldn't load the site the way it should. I haven't experienced it though since I started working on the site until it was first cut to five questions to be answered daily. The best bet for me to find out first hand is to answer up to four posts and see if I will be restricted in answering more then it will be the site restricting us again and by the way do you get the usual statement that you are not to post more answers but you can reply and ask more questions within the next 24 hours? If you got that then it's the site restricting us again and that's final.
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I don't think that's what it is with the rules for the number of questions a member can answer per day. If you're allowed to provide only 4 answers to questions per day, I presumed something must be wrong, because each and everyone of us on this site can answer 7 questions for a day before the next day.
I will suggest you check if you've not exceeded the limit to the number of questions you are permitted to answer in a day. Maybe you have done without noticing it. Or it could be that you have done that by answering 7 questions within 24 hours and you thought there might be more questions for you to answer while the next 24  hours has not started to count.
The thing is, previously, the site used to allow members to answer number of questions without limiting them, but they have to change that because some members started abusing it by answering questions excessively all in the name of wanting to earn. That was why they decided to place a cap on the number of questions a member can answer under 24 hours.
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First and foremost, allow me to welcome you to the forum Answeree. As you are still a newbie, it's very normal that you are still going to be finding your feet on the site and how it works. Believe me when I say that I had the same problem when I was still new in the forum. I didn't even know how to calculate points or how many points that is equivalent to one dollar. But, it was as I kept asking questions on the forum and started getting quality responses from older members that I began to understand a lot of things about how the forum works.

So, when it comes to your question about why you are only able to give just four answers, it's not a problem from the site but a problem with you not finding a new content where you can offer your answers. Some questions are answered already, so there will only be options for replies.

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