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I have been doing my blog lately but I couldn't increase my traffic flow.
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Share your blog on social media. You will soon see the difference.
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Definitely connect your Youtube channel to it. You should try and advertise your blog on as many social media platforms as possible, to increase exposure.

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Yes you can. Connecting your YouTube account to channel traffic to your blog is one of the very good means of driving traffic to your blog. But YouTube alone, depending on your subjects might not give you your intended traffic. Hence, I'll advice you try other effective channels too.

Facebook is also a very good means of channeling traffic to your blog. All you have to do is create a facebook page, if you don't have one, then synchronize the page with your blog. Every post you make on your blog automatically updates on your facebook page. This way, people can simply follow the post links which will redirect them to your blog. The same can be done with Twitter too.

Another effective means of driving traffic to your blog is by using other channels like paid to click sites. This process is mostly recommended and suitable for new bloggers who are looking to drive enough traffic to meet maybe AdSense program requirements. The process begins with you registering at one those paid to click sites as an employer. Deposit a certain amount of cash and post a job for registered employees to undertake. The best part of this process is that you can state exactly what you need a paid visitor to execute on your blog. And guess what, it's actually cheap to hire people on those sites, usually below 50 cents per task.

My last recommendation will probably take a toll on you when you're done with the process. But on the long run, it's worth the effort. All it requires is that you put in a lot of effort by publishing original writing works constantly without relenting. Am talking about 10s and 10s of articles on your preferred subjects using search engine keywords. And make certain to always recrawl your blog on your personal blog console so that updated and new articles of your blog can come up on search engine result. It might take a while to achieve this, but as you already know, nothing good comes easy ever.
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I completely agree with you on making use of Facebook to improve the traffic on one's blog. With over 2 billion users on Facebook, it's a fertile ground to sought traffic from. 
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Being a blogger is not an easy thing to do especially if you are still new at the job of being a webmaster. It requires a lot of time, effort, commitment and dedication before you are going to start seeing something positive and productive with your online business as a blogger.
Generating traffic especially organic traffic is one of the most important thing a blogger should invest his or her time into because it's what helps the individual's blog to finally get the Google ranking which he or she is looking for. Now, there are so many things which a blog owner can do in order to generate organic traffic to his blog, they are as follows;

Adding high quality content on daily basis on the blog.

Create and use high quality backlinks.

Be very active.
Have a sound support system.

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