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Following the current trend is a 50/50 thing for me since it depends on what the trend is all about that would determine whether I'm going to be following that particular trend or not. 

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I follow my own style. Like in the way I wear, I like wearing clothes that feel comfortable for me. If it does not fit me, I would never buy it for sure. My style is just too simple, and is not very hard to maintain. I just tie my hair so it would not cover my face. I once decided to curl it but that is not to follow a trend but because even when I was young, I was dreaming of having a curly hair. Later I realized it was not easy to maintain, so I went back to my old style hair.

Sometimes though, when the budget is limited, I buy sale items. Most of the on sale items were out of trend or old trend. But I feel happy when I bought an item at lower price. I feel luckier as if I saved a lot. Haha. There was one time, I bought an item for just 3 dollars when the real price was 10 dollars. They told me it was marked down item.
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yes , your right. except for those classic pieces of clothing, fashion is temporary, trends come and go.
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I am a type of a person who is fascinated with other people to see how they look like, but I am the type of a person who doesn't care about any well known fashion clothing. I like to do my own thing it gives you the freedom to choose where you belong to rather than trying to fit in the world where I am not part of.

It is good to see the fashion trend with others who fit in. Not everyone can fit in the world of fashion. I am part of those group who will wear what they want and feel comfortable. The fashion industry is fast growing as well as people who can't keep up. It is like a bunch of balloons that you need to pop one by one.

Following every trend also is not that cheap. Some it may cost much more than what we think, for others, they don't spend any penny.
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Truthfully, I am not the type that follows what is trendy, instead I prefer to remain unique by striving to be a catalyst of change in my own life. Notwithstanding that does not really mean I don't partake in the revolution of things sweeping across the world, but that does not mean I excessively and blindly follow everything that is reigning.

From what I have noticed, we have so many people that often go out of their ways, in order for them to keep up with the happenings emanating from every sphere of the world. Unfortunately, this act of "keeping up with the joneses" has not supported their existence profitably, but rather taking toll on every facets on their lives, from finances to health, you just name it.

Personally, I can never go out of my way in trying to live up to the expectations of others simply, because I want to be perceived as as a trendy guy. My philosophy goes as this "I am a trend setter, not a trend follower."
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As much as I want to follow the trend, I can't. First, when the trend is about clothes, for sure I don't have spare money to buy some clothes that follow the trends. With gadgets, I am usually poor and for sure I will not follow it. I will always keep my money for priorities and it is not my priority. However, when the trending is something affordable and I can really do it, of course, sometimes I go with the flow. The real deal to me is that, I am the one who will just observe and react with the trend. I don't have the time and I can't put a lot of effort to be follow the trend. Having a trend is exciting. It means we have something to talk about. I really would want to be just an observer because I prioritize a lot of things.I always love trends anyway.
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I remain myself in and out of season.,right from time I have never had time for trends. Following trends will never make one unique and outstanding.i believe in creating my style and living it Doing this leave me with no option but to creative, innovative and outstanding. I don't blend in, I always want to stand out and that's what being oneself offers.
I love being me because I get followers and those that will look up to be as a role model and always good to be a pace setter,you lead others follow of course anyone in such position set the pace in trends.

Trends are created by people so I wouldn't mind being part of the statistics and I can only be all that if I don't bend in to be another person.
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I am that man that always want to follow the things that I feel that suits me when I am living life. I have taken time to look at the ways that everything around us work and have decided that doing things the way that I like is the best way to go about the things that I do. There was a time that there is this type of dress and attire that people used to wear which is curvy in design.

However, I always look out at the way that I can stay off this kind of things as I don't really want to do things when others are doing it as it is wasting of money. Also, I have always looked at the way that I can do some other things like getting to arrange my place to my taste and this is not influenced by any other thing that I see out there. I believe that we should not spending too much time and money trying to make our wardrobe follow trends as this is one of the ways we end up making a lot of spending.
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I do not follow trends at all. Before I consider purchasing any item, I  always ask myself whether it is what I need, if I can afford it and whether I can go without it. I don't go after things just because they are the latest in the market.
I always look at the functions of an item whether gadgets, clothing, accessories, food etc and everything it can offer me. Its quality, durability. So having said that, if what I need is really want is in vogue and I can afford it, I would still buy and not because everyone else is getting it.
That is how it is especially with clothing. I don't buy on outfit because it is the latest and everyone else has one. I don't even like being in uniform with people. It just buy what fits and what I'm comfortable in otherwise I do not need it no matter how pretty it looks.
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I find it quite expensive following the trend. Like for instance we're nearing the festive season and there will be lots of trendy clothes that everyone needs. The sellers won't hesitate to hike the prices knowing that no matter the cost, you'll definitely buy them because its trendy season. For me, I'll wait till January or February and I can buy the same same cloth almost half the selling price initially.

For me, I like brand new clothes other than the second hand clothes for several good reason but the major one being they're cool and tend to last longer. The only problem with trendy things is that everyone around will tend to have and it will seem like a uniform. I prefer buying expensive stuff that not so many people can afford to buy although its trendy.
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I do not follow trends. I think and do what is necessary for me in the circumstances. I think, following trends is also a madness among people. To me, it shows a herd mentality. If a guy or gal is wearing torn jeans and going out like that, who said that others should also follow? I dislike this mentality.

As it is, no one can compel you to dress in a particular way or to behave in a particular way. And I really hate people who do all sorts of odd things in the name of fashion and call it 'it is the trend now'. Wearing torn jeans ( I used to wonder whether the person who wears it tears it or the manufacturer tears it in the name of fashion and trend) and calling it 'fashion' and 'trend' is a madness, I would say. Same thing goes with many people's (gents) hairstyle too.
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Sincerely, I don't actually follow trend because I refer to do my things in unique way. While I was growing up I noticed that a lot of people are use to copying from peer groups. I found my self among friend who we actually grew together and did virtually everything ttogether. The 3 of us were the subject and envy of town. Our parents were seriously pproud of us.
My friends actually have desire to get married as soon as they graduated from higher institution. But I have a different dream and veiw to life. I had a unique plan which was not same with them.

The trend is that everyone after graduation is to find a partner and get married. So when they graduated, they actually executed ttheir desires just as it does in the town.

On my own, I planed well and finished my masters and PhD before venturing into any other thing. Because following ttrend usually don't pay.

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