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My addiction is sniffing mentholated oil. I do it everyday. I like the smell and the cool vapor. I finished two 10 ml bottles per month

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I don't want to judge you because my mother is doing the same thing, but she can't finish two bottles, I think her bottle is the same bottle she have now like the first month she used it. If you can finish 2 bottles in a month, then I guess you are really addicted to it. Does this mean you cannot live without your mentholated oil? I don't see anything wrong with mentholated oils as this will relax and calm your brain after the long stress you experienced from somewhere. It really helps you to relieve and relax to whatever you are feeling bad. I think if this saves you then there is nothing wrong. I assume it became a habit first then you cannot live without it because you enjoyed it. If it helps you, then that is okay. But if it ruins everything with you, then that is bad.
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To be sincere, if you actually will adhere to real advice and truth. You're doing great evil to your self and even by implications to the country.

Sniffing anything or other type of addiction is never good for Hunan health even if you enjoys it. You're killing your self. Because a time shall come when such chemical you sniff is not available.

Addiction is one of the reason to crime because if such material is not asuch a person will venure into crime or even endanger your life since sniffing sniffing of such chemicals produce or promotes some kind of involuntary reactions and most times unreasonable.

So, I will implore you to visit a nearest hospital to do proper check up and also seek God interventionsinterventionsinterventions. So, with seriousness in your avoidance you will stop such even act.
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Almost everyone has certain habits, some bad, and even the good habits in excess can sometimes be annoying to observers. Some of these habits unchecked can lead to habitual addictions. But you need to understand that addiction isn't the point of worry, the actual problem lies with the object, behavior or substance addicted to.

Menthol is an organic compound, synthetically made from mints like corn, but mostly obtained from oil mints.

On the good side, menthol gives a soothing feeling on the body senses. Menthol in peppermint tea helps to aid digestion, reduces pain, and eliminates inflamation thereby relaxing the body. That's when if you take it in the right doses. But from your narration in the question above,  I think you're very well going over the safety dosage boundary.

Am not a health expert, but am made to understand that consumption of menthol in excess usually above 20ml can lead to certain health risk and overdose. Some of the effects experienced which may very well lead to an overdose are abdominal pain, skin rash, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc. These are abnormal negative body effects that a healthy person shouldn't be experiencing. If you feel any of these effects, I suggest you dessit from taking it and visit your doctor.
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Basically, the addiction to anything is not healthy for anyone to be engaging in. Initially, I thought the sniffing of menthol you were taking about was for remedy to some certain health related problems like blocked nose, but as I read through the extended write ups, I realized it wasn't for that purpose.

From health perspective, the sniffing of metholated substances could be destructive to one's internal organs, especially the lungs. Since they are the core targets of any respiratory activities, which can as well be akin to inhalation of harmful substances like noxious gases, it's not proper to have them exposed to dangerious chemicals, in this case, metholated spirit.
I will kindly advice, you find a more health-promoting activity that would help you to overcome this weird form of addiction of sniffing metholated oil.
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Anything that is done in excess is always not good at all. This is a drug that should always be taken when you are having catarrh or something like that and the best way that you are going to be able to handle this situation is for you to always regulate the way that you sniff the menthol.

That you always enjoy the smell of this drugs is not an enough reason for you to now start sniffing them as it may cause a discomfort or an issue in the body in the long-run which is bad. I have seen people that also feel that it is also nice for them to take paracetamol when they are having headaches as that is the only way that they are going to be able to feel okay and I think that it is bad. There are some headache that will require sleep to calm and this means that we should not be taking drugs on that type of occasion.

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