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We have a lotto outlet near my place. I feel excited imagining winning millions of pesos. But I know how hard it is to win. Should I continue or it is just a waste of money?
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It is not bad to play the lottery. Your not the only one who is dreaming of winning in the lottery. There are lots of people around the world who is betting the lottery and hoping to net the jackpot.  But if you want to win, you need to buy a ticket, choose a number and check the result.

Just play the lottery if you have some extra money that is enough to buy a lottery ticket.

after that, you can enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing the lottery
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The chances to win big money in lottery is very small. Not every one is lucky enough to win huge amounts of money from gambling. So, I would advise you to look for better ways to make money than depending on gambling. 

Good luck. 
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If you dreamed of winning, you can play the lottery. You can play the lottery if you have enough money to buy a ticket. But if you play the lottery to earn money for a living, you will need a bunch of luck to win the jackpot. We all know that the lottery is all about a game of chance and no strategy that can help you win the lottery. 

If you really want to win the lottery, you can bet on lotteries that have small prizes like Japan Mini Lotto, Polish Mini Lottos, and Mini Lotto.

Small prize lotteries have I high chance of winning. Even this lotteries have small prizes, it is enough to make you a millionaire and live your life as a celebrity. 

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Who don't want to win? I think everyone does. However, if you happen to know the stories of the people who are betting from lotteries for 10 years, they had wasted a lot of money. If they saved the money, they would buy a new house or starts an investment and make the money grow. It is really hard to depend your life in lotteries. Once in a blue moon you will able to win some. You will lose a lot to win a little. This is really impossible. For me, I lose hope with lotteries. I get influenced sometimes because of the big amount you will win, but a lot of times I am not winning. I remember I won a little amount on the day of my birthday. I was lucky then, but I haven't won anything millions and I am not really hoping it will not happen. I am on the assurance of saving my money for rainy days.
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In my opinion, lotteries are no more than a lucky process of winning a prize. The fact that one has to rely on picking certain sets of few numbers from a scale of 1- 100 for a jackpot win makes it even more of a gamble. This is because the probability of landing correct numbers at the end of the draw is really high with odds staking against the player.
In some countries, lotteries are prohibited because of the said reason stated above. It's more like an organized system of ripping players of their money. Am guessing you're in one of those countries that endorses lotteries on national and state level.

If you'd take my advice, I'll suggest you don't put your hopes on lotteries. It will take almost a miracle to win huge sums of money like the few winnings we rarely hear about. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try, who knows, anything can happen.
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I feel anything that has to do with gambling, should be a matter of choice. It shouldn't be a thing anyone has to be encouraged to do or discouraged from doing, because we all have lucks in certain areas of our lives. What one might be lucky in succeding at might not be same for another.

If you know that you're confident that you can win huge amount of money from lottery, why not give it a shot. But if you know, you are not the type whose luck is not in the realm of winning by playing with figures, why wasting your time? You would agree with me, it's not worth it.

I have heard a lot of people of late emerging winners of ridiculous amounts of money via gambling, but I don't envy them a bit. I am not the type who fancies playing gambles, but I don't think it would be wise for me to discourage anyone from doing so.

In all I do in life, I try as much as possible to keep open mind, even though it's against my personal values and beliefs. I have come to realized that the world would be a better place if we all respect each other's beliefs and values, as long as, they don't interfere with our individual pursuits in life.
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That's gambling and I can't imagine one living in a financial limbo like that. Lotteries are games of probability and chance and most of them are done in such a way thst the owners or promoters always win. Lottery is a business and every business needs to yield profit and as such we shouldn't be expecting anything less from lotteries.

Lottery centres are springing up and booming every corner in my country because they know my people are lazy and greedy and as such will always want fast money so the come with the illusion of one making so much money with little or no money invested.

You will hear of someone winning a lottery of million dollars with just investing a dollar,what makes you think that person isnt part of the fraca and deception.Stop wasting your money either you work or you invest wisely.
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When you check the high loss rate of playing lotteries and compare it with the few that have won, then you will agree with me that this is not a venture that you should be looking at using it to waste your hard earned money. I have been taking a look at how everything works and I must say that it is not really cool for those that are playing this kind of games to always expect that they are going to arrive at a profit let's say at the end of the week or month as you will always end up spending more than you aim to win.

I have an uncle that always play this game with the hope that there is going to be day that he is going to win and the funny thing is that he has been unable to even take good care of the family well as the whole work has been placed on the laps of wife which is not fair. So, it is better you look for other alternatives of making money instead of lottery.
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Exactly! It's not a wise decision to depend on lottery as a means of making money. You would end up losing the little money you have already and still wouldn't win anything. 
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