If you are buying certain things online then why do you prefer buying online? Is there any specific reason? Then please let people know.
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Branded Beauty products like Ever Bilena lipstick, foundation, at least it was tested and better for my skin. Korean products like skin moisturizer and soap whitener, korean products is the best for this issue. I also bought a waist twister equipment for my daily routine exercise. About my childrens footwear, i'd love to order in Natasha it's 99% sure that it will last long. And the materials they use are proven genuine.
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Most of the items I buy online are shoes,I find them quite cheap with $15 you can buy very classic shoes.Despite of cheap online stuff, I find buying online convenient because it saves on my time especially when am busy with school work and can't afford time to go to the stalls finding something that I need.

Also,with online buying you can find all types of things and their varieties. Also,you get the goods within a short time as long as you had cash.

The only problem is the delivery fee is always expensive especially if you're far from their location.
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I purchase a lot of things online since online shopping gives you an opportunity to shop right from home, besides it gives me an opportunity to access best deals and latest commodity. My first time to shop online I was doubting if really they will deliver what I ordered and if they deliver will it the same one I saw online but it was deliverd though it took a lot of time.  I prefer to purchase cars online since I can access the best and most unique cars. I also purchase some of my electronics online though not all. Soon am planning to order grocery online.
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I only buy things that is hard to find in a store, like I need to go somewhere far to just check it and if the product is not there, then I just wasted my time. Mostly there are things I want to buy and I can find it on a nearby store, I check it online and good thing it is there. I mostly buy my pets milk and feeding bottle. I also buy shoes and bags. Mostly I see products in person and I don't like the style. The products online are with good presentation, but it doesn't mean you will get the best product. If I know I will get a bad product, I will not buy it, but unfortunately no cancellation to some sites that I need to accept the product and will just replace the product if it has reasonable damage. Buying online saves me time and the availability sometimes is the main problem.
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I like to buy my electronic accessories online because most stores offline in my location don't have them in stock.

I do window shopping a lot online and I see a lot  of accessories I love, I try getting them  offline but I realized such don't exists here so I order them online.

Online purchases enable me get things that might never be sold in my country and sometimes at a cheaper rate too,because if there were to be imported into my country it might triple the price I buy online. Another good thing is that one would be getting a better quality of the said products,my people here are a bit dubious and they mostly produce a bad copy of an original product and sell them at the same price of the original products.

Online purchases save me the time and money of moving from place to place to window shop before buying a thing.
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I buy all sorts of things online, clothes, electronics and many other products. I find it so much easier than having to battle my way through the shops especially at busy times of the year like Christmas. It's very relaxing to sit and order what you want online and then have it delivered to your door. I rarely go into the town now to buy what I need unless it is food. I don't buy food online unless it is some kind of speciality product that I can't get anywhere else.

The only thing with buying clothes or shoes online is the sizing. I have in the past bought things that don't fit because the sizing is not standard. I know that if I get anything from China I will have to go one or two sizes bigger because their clothes tend to be on the small side but I still think it's worth the risk as you can always send them back.
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I mostly shop online whenever the items are on sale. Typically, I buy stuff which are too hassle to buy in a physical store such as heavy items (book shelf, double decks, drawers, etc). With this, I am really thankful for those that offer free shipping/free delivery.

I also opt to online shops whenever I don't have the time to go out, especially if the nearby stores do not have the items that I need. Why leave the comfort of your home when you can order in just a few clicks?

Normally, I do not buy gadgets, as it would be a bit risky for I will not be able to check if they are indeed working before the actual purchase. I have this similar concern with shoes and dresses.
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I would love to buy things that are difficult to find in the local store, that are too heavy or too huge to take back home, and that has a bigger discount online.

Electronics and home appliances are cheaper online and free shipping cost. If you browse sometimes and Google will keep pushing the promotion ads to you, which is annoying but save some bucks usually. Also, I have installed Honey extension on my browser, which would tell me the deals that the website page I am viewing gets.

I love to buy things that are difficult to find in the local store, especially Asian cosmetics like the facial mask and refresher oil. There's an amazing Thai oil that could help me to release the tense muscle after working out. Also, some beauty gadgets like flat iron are also easier to get online.

Toilet paper, napkins and other paper products are always at the top of the online shopping list. They are much cheaper online and they take too much space in the car if I buy them in stores. And detergents are not that easy to carry to the parking lot, which I am happy to shop online.

But there's one thing we all should remember: never shop from weird or unknown websites with the unbelievable discount offer, which might cause identity theft that could lead to financial loss and other destructive damages. 

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