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It sounds very funny though. I don't see the need of putting on a fan while ac is working. Obviously, the two are for cooling purpose. And from look of things, ac cools better than a fan. What would be its function while ac is working? Except maybe the ac is not working properly then a fan can be used to compliment its partial cooling. But if the ac is working properly a fan won't be needed.
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That would be consume a lot of power , air conditioner is enough to turn it on no need the fan.

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Normally any AC system in a car has a fan that runs when the AC is on. This is called a cooling fan and work in conjunction with the AC in your car. The heater and the AC both use fans to either heat up or cool off the interior of a car. If your AC fan is not working correctly and blowing the cool air in your car, you'll need to have the fan checked. This could be an issue with the fan belt on the AC compressor.
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I think the question is about Room AC
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When AC is on the cold air is released from the front vents and hot air is sucking into the AC through the upper vents.  The hot air in the room always go up and cooler air will settle downwards as it's the physics. At this point if a ceiling fan is there, then it may push hot air down which result in inefficient working of hot air intake of AC indoor unit. So ceiling fan or wall fan is generally not recommended. But if it is very hot climate use of ceiling fan helps in circulating air so that efficiency of AC should increase. In this case fan with air conditioner is recommended. In spite of all these when a room gets cool a fan rotating at a mild speed can give a pleasant feel.
( assuming it's a split AC. If it's a window ac then the story is entirely different )
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I always use  AC with fan, Window AC's are still available in Market?
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In a window ac the fan runs all the time unless you switch to "Energy Saver" mode. In a central ac the fan runs all the time. You don't say what kind of ac you have.

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