A friend of mine, or two of them had dogs and both left the house because maybe they don't like living with them? It made me think, are dogs picking their owners? Is there something like that?
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There is a possibility that dogs can choose their owner even though it's supposed to the other way around. I actually saved a dog from horrible accident and he doted on me immediately. 

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I don't think that there is anything like the dogs making choice of who is going to have them. The thing is that when we are taking care of animals, it is always essential for us to take a longer look on the need to do that with love. I have seen people that don't show compassion to the animals that they have and when such animals decides to leave the home, you tend to see that it is going to be difficult for the owners to find them again.

The thing with taking care of animals with compassion and love always entails that we should train them with good food, ensure that we give them better shelter and in most cases, play with them. You can't tell me that you will have a pet and you won't create some time for you to play with them. Having a playful time with them will always create a nice connection with them.
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One thing is for sure, if they can escape the life that they don't enjoy, they will escape from it. It is more about the life they will be having. Some of them have choices to stay. They stay because they value their owners for deciding to have them and be part of the family.
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These sounds funny to me I'm just wondering if animals have grown to that stage of deciding whom they really want to dwell with. I think it mostly about the treatment meted out to them that causes that than the dogs trying to choose whom they want.

I think it like we humans living more with people that are accommodative and tolerance of us and it looks as if we chose to live where we are, most times it isn't about the people we are living with but more of where we find comfortable enough. I don't think it possible for animals even dogs to choose their owners I'm sure they can live with anyone but the truth still remains that the treatment they get will determined where they will love to stay irrespective of whom they're living with.
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I have a dog that we adopted and he really don't stick with us . He choose to be with other owners. I really want to have him back because I pick him up from adoption group, I did it. he stayed with us for 4 days and still he managed to come back to the house of our neighbor. I think he doesn't want us, and I got the thought from the neighbor because he said "hey he pick us as their owner". That was a  heartbreaking for a 7 year old me. 
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There is nothing like dogs having choice in deciding who to live with or who their owners could be. Dogs are submissive animals that cling to whoever meet their needs. If a dog discover that you are not always there to provide them with what would make them remain glue to you, they would definitely find another man that would do all that for them.

As for the case of your friends, I guess they weren't playing their cards right in ensuring their dogs remain loyal to them. Maybe they were too busy for them, which caused the dogs to abandon them. If really they were always feeding the dogs with the right dog foods such as bony meats, they won't have any other choice than to be submissive to them.
Lastly, dogs only know the owner that takes care of them through constant feeding of them with the right dog foods. And once this is done, nothing would ever make them want to leave the owner for a total stranger.
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I agree. I think the one that picked them and the one that gave them shelter, they do not treat them as their master but also their parents, regardless if they are human and they are animals. 
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Have you watch the movie "Dog Purpose"? It is something like that. The dog will pick his owner because has a strong sense. They have abilities if the person will treat them right or not. How the dog's behave is depends on how his owner train or treat him.  I have seen this movie also The Secret Life of Pets, which really good movie to watch about pets. The dog will leave his owner because he wasn't treated right from the very beginning.

To become a pet owner you have to treat it as part of your family. The pet has feelings to,they will feel whatever you feel.They will protect you from anyone that will harm you. I watch this movie Alpha, and its clearly shows there, no matter how the dog threat you bad, but if you treat them right in return, they will protect you.
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Dogs don't necessarily have the mental capacity to pick out their owners - their instinct is usually to go towards the nearest human and try to befriend them. Most of the time, when dogs run away from their owners, it's because the door was open or they got caught up in the moment and decided to chase after something. Then, they get lost. Of course, dogs may also run away from abusive owners, since it's an instinctual reaction to try and get away from whatever is causing them harm. However, once again, I don't think dogs have the psychology or mindset to voluntarily pick their owner. This would suggest some kind of analytical thinking that allowed the dog to weigh the pros and cons of each owner.
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When it comes to the pets, the dogs are the best companion of humans. The dogs do not chose the owners, the humans chose the dogs they want to own. The humans must understand the lifestyle of the dog according to the breeds before they are going to get one. This plays an important role in deciding whether the dog will like the owner or not. If the dog doesn't get the basic things they need in their life for survival, they surely wanna run away from the owner. Also, these are very basic things, they do not want anything big from the owners. The same case would be with your friend also. Advice him the same thing before he/she get one new dog.
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No. I don't think like that. Owners only pick their dogs. Dog is one of the favorite pet to all. We do love dogs. Dog also loves their owners. If the owner don't like the dog they sell it or giving it to others. 
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Yes dog pick their owner and know and identify their owner very much when so many people want to buy dog , the dog will firstly look to the eyes of the buyer before choosing their choice
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A dog will live with its owner according to the way you treat them. You should try and understand your dog this will help establish a relationship with your dog. I do not think dogs can choose their owners but we can choose what dog to have. 
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I think dogs should pick their owners as this will be a great thing for them they will feel good and live happily ever after knowing the fact that their choice is the best 
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Well that is a very fascinating question.

So i don't think so that they pick up or choose their owners but i think they should. Because they are such a lovy-dovy they are such caring, loyal , adorable beings. They should choose their owners and decide that who are worthy of their lovel and who are not. But sadly this isn't the truth.
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