Need help, want to know which is better for having a job so that i will decide what will be the best for me in the future.
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First off this will depend on you and what you actually want to do. There are advantage and disadvantage of working at home. However, today many companies offer work at home opportunities. You would still be working for the company, reporting in, you'd receive benefits and a paycheck.

If you are considering finding work online and working online full-time this can be rather difficult. However, there are a few companies that will hire freelancers to work at home. These types of jobs offer no security, lower pay, no benefits, and you work around their pay periods. At times they will have enough work for you during the month to make it worth your time and efforts. Then there are months that you won't have enough work and will be looking for other ways to add to your income.

You'll need to look at the pros and cons of each situation and decide which is best for you. If you are a dedicated person and can work each day then an at home job is very interesting. Otherwise, I'd suggest that you find a job in a company and go to work each day or find out if they have a work at home position you can take.
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Working at home suggests that you have some more extra skills like programming, blogging,transcribing or even freelancing other than the basic writing skills.

If you have the above skills then you should go for home based jobs and let go of your offline job but the only problem with online jobs Is that they're not stable and can disappear anytime without informing unlike offline jobs.

Also,consider how much you can earn from online and offline,weigh the amount then decide what's best for you.
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I think you have to look at the pros and cons of each and try to go with the one that suits you. I like the home based job for now because I'm in the time of my life that I just want my own space job wise and until I'm out of that mood no full time job.

Full time job is demanding but you should also know that it pays better and it comes with good incentives and packages while online job has nothing  of such. Sites online don't last but offline jobs stays for a very long time.

You might not get paid eventually online because a site has turned scam but it rarely happens offline. So the best bet is to weigh both options and go with the one you can manage.
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I don't think there is a concrete answer to this question. It varies from one person to another depending on your preference, as working full-time and working home-based both offer advantages and disadvantages.

Working full-time has rather benefits in terms of personal growth. Usually, full-time jobs come with a set of working hours that you need to adhere to, which then teaches you how to be efficient and how to manage your time wisely. Since you are required to come to the office and interact with other people, you will learn how to present yourself in a professional way. Moreover, exposure with other people, especially those that are above you in the corporate hierarchy, comes with a variety of learning experiences including new skills and working habits. Working with colleagues may also motivate you to excel when you engage in healthy competition.

On the other hand, I think the greatest advantage of working home-based is flexibility. You can wake up and work whenever and wherever you want. This also saves you from the hassle and stress of commuting from home to the office. Moreover, since you're the one who manage your time, you have the freedom for when you want to go out and spend quality time with family and friends.
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There's no exact answer to your question, because what you are asking only has to deal with the opportunity available to you, and how juicy such opportunity is. Basically, you just have to weigh your options critically before opting for any of you choice.

Let's take for instance, you're offered a well paid job in a big company and due to the amount of time it requires for you to perform your task at the offices daily gives you little or no freedom to do what you love. And you were also presented with another gig of working at home with lesser amount compared to the company work, but gives you the freedom to do what you like.

You would notice that in this two scenarios painted above, that there is a prize to pay for either of them. Which one would you go for? I know majority would definitely go for the company work because of the pay. But a handful would go for the homework for reasons best know to them.

On advisory note, I would say settle for the one that suits your aspiration and chase it with all of your passion.
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