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I found out recently that it's very dangerous to sleep with one's phone on the bed. It can cause the phone to explode because mine was heating up when I picked it up in the morning. 

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Am hearing this for the first time but am pretty sure it depends on which position you sleep with when having your phone. Have been sleeping with for phone for quite some years now. But then, I somehow second you in this. This is because, most of the times especially when am at home, I usually put my phone under the pillow so there there's no direct contact with my body and the phone. But lately, since am.in school and the theft rate is pretty high, I prefer sleeping with my phone  besides me.  And there's this day, I work up and found it very hot but I assumed maybe its because of my body warmth. At least now I know the effects of sleeping with a phone. If I must sleep with it then it should be under the pillow as I used to do before so that my body isn't attached to the phone.
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When you place the phone on your bed, the foam makes it easier to heat up because it doesn't allow in flow and out flow of air. 

This is why it gets very hot when it stays too long on your foam. 
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I used to keep my phone near me all the time those days because I was always browsing and reading articles online before sleeping, so most times I feel sleepy and leave my phone on the bed. I was just  surfing the net one day when I came across an article that it isn't right to leave our devices near us when we are sleeping at night.
Experts assert that sleeping with our phones near us or under the pillow is very dangerous because phones emits harmful radiation which can actually cause brain cancer.
Another risk is fire harzard which can happen if we leave our phone charged near us. Experts are of the view that leaving our phones on and charging can also bring fire outbreak.
Leaving our phone on the bed when sleeping can actually cause low quality  sleep.
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Exactly! Every electronic device contains radiation but they seem not to be harmful but it's not advisable to keep it very close to the skin always.
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No. I do not sleep with my mobile on the bed. Instead, I finish all the things I want to do on mobile and keep it away from my bed. One reason for doing like this is I do not want any disturbance once I go to sleep. As you know, a sound sleep of at least seven hours is essential for our well being, I ensure that I do not miss it.

Moreover, what is the need to have your mobile by your side, when you go to sleep? Just like us others will also be sleeping during those odd hours. Therefore, who is going to call us at that odd hours? Similarly, I see and use internet as much as possible during the day. So there is no necessity for me to surf the net too after eleven or twelve in the night. I think, we have to use the mobile in a prudent way for our own betterment.
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It's very important to not form the habit of being too addicted to one's phone which would prompt the individual to go to bed with their phones.

It's not safe. 
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I'm very guilty of that a lot of times. I surf the net, go over my schedules and even do some online work just before going to bed. I become so sleepy. So much so that I forget to put the phone away. This happens a lot.

I've read articles that say it isn't advisable to keep your device beside you while sleeping. Especially when it is charging. These phones emit radiation which could be really harmful to us. It is best to put our phones in night mode or switch them off if we must keep them beside us.

I've also read that we should not use our phones or answer calls while charging. This can be really dangerous. I've seen cases on the media where people got burnt and others sustained serious injuries just from doing those things with their phones.
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I have seen some cases where phones exploded when it was charging. So, plugging it and putting it on your bed will expose you to more risk.
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Initially I do surf the internet or engaged on other activities online till I doze off such that my data will be on till when I wake up,  I even sleep on the phone.
There was a time i read an article on a popular forum in my country called nairaland, where the implications of infra red radiations was discussed especially when we unconsciously asleep. It is generally not a good idea to sleep with phone besides our head,  it is advisable you drop it far from you and possibly off it before sleeping.
I have trained my self such that I don't doze off while my phone is with me,  I will rather suspend the activity for another time,  put it far from me then sleep off when I wake up I continue.
It is better to stick to advise, we should not wait till harm is done.
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Exactly! Prevention is better than cure. It's very important to avoid getting injured at all than wait for it to happen.
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That is just it,  though it is unfortunate that some people don't believe in caution until they are hit by such Hazard. 
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Seriously, it's very sad seeing people get injured when they could have prevented such accidents from every happening by not having their phones in bed. 
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Once I am set to sleep, I know I can't be sleeping and operating my phone,  so I either off it for it to rest or take it far away from me. 
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No, I don't. I usually sleep with my phone close to my bed side not really on top of the bed which I am sleeping on, but some miles away from it. It is obvious that this days everyone is guilty of him/her having their phones close to their bed sides. Unfortunately, so many people are not aware of the dangers involve in doing so.
Basically, the reason why I keep my phone mile away from my bed is, because of what I personally experienced with how flammable it could get. A collegue of mine was almost roasted with her phone without she knowing what was about to befall her. She was actually holding her purse on her armpit, the next thing we saw was that the phone in her purse flew out of it in flames. We were all stunned with what transpired before our very own eyes.

This fateful event made me realized that it's unsafe to keep any electronic device close to oneself due to the potential risk of fire it poses to the users.
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It's good that you are well aware of the harms that come from taking your smartphone to bed and sleeping with it on the foam. 

There is high chances of radiation and the phone blowing up. It's totally not a safe thing to do. 
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I wonder why your phone is heating up. You need to change the battery because when it is heating up, it is something to do with the battery. Mine is not heating and I do not charge it over night. I let my phone sleep as I sleep. Yes, it is near me when I am sleeping because I use the alarm, but it is somewhat not in the bed but on the table near my bed. I check the time from time to time when I wake up once and I get back to sleep. It happens then and there. Some says to turn on the Wifi and to let your phone not near to you because it can cause a radiation to enter your body. There are no study about it, or at least I do not read from somewhere. I think it is safer to have it somewhere near you but not with you in bed. You can meet an accident and you can start damaging your phone if it is in your bed.
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As much as I want to deny it, am very much one of those that sleeps with their phones close to them. This is because I do a lot of work over the internet with my phone at night. I simply just put it by my side when am done.

This isn't the first time am hearing about the possible dangers of sleeping close to your phone at night. I've even seen actual videos of some cases where the phone exploded taking a life with it.

But you need to understand that a phone kept or lying besides you while sleeping wouldn't just explode like that. There has to be a trigger before something of that nature can occur. Drawing from investigation reports of past incidents or cases on the said subject, showed situations when a person probably plugged in the phone to charge then placed it under the pillow while sleeping on it. Charging puts in a lot of energy in the phone and during the process it heats up. Placing a phone under a pillow during this process blocks most of the air around the area thereby not cooling the heat emanating from the phone. This is when a possible explosion occurs, and if unfortunately a person is really close by, bang, it happens.
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