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Some friends are pain on one's flesh. They would come and borrow money from you and do as if they never did, thereby putting you in a tight spot of having to ask for your money or forget about it and they won't pay you back. 
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If they don't return the money, don't pay them the second time.
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Well, that's the best logical conclusion and the only choice left for you when they fail to pay back what they already borrowed. They should forget ever getting loaned money ever again. 

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I always remember my father's wise words anytime I want to lend someone money.My father always say never lend the money you can't forget about to anyone. And this wise statement have kept me away from having sleepless nights after lending out my hard earned money.i only lend out amount of money I can easily forget about in case a wicked friend doesn't want to pay back.

I know most times people that default in payment are always friends and family members and our hands become tie we do not know what to do, because we might not want to severe the relationship especially with a family member or members. The best bet is to subtle plead with them to pay up or maybe meet with the elder of the family to help you retrieve the money at least peacefully.
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Exactly! It's just like online betting. If you are very sure that you can't endure losing the money as a result of not getting paid back, it's better never to lend the person your money at all. 
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The truth is, it could be very difficult for one to ask for money borrowed to a friend. Matter like this has resulted to serious disagreement which has spiralled into endless enmity. It is not wise for a friend to borrow money to a friend he knows he can't pay back. The main reason why a friend might not payback the borrowed money to him could be because of the friendship existing between the two of them.

Personally, I have learnt basic rules of borrowing out money to anyone, which is never give out money you know you cannot let go. And I have used this same principle in dealing with every area of my finance.

As of recent, a neighbour came to me for me to borrow her a certain amount of money, and all I did was to tell her I don't have the exact amount she requested for, but I can only borrow her a lesser amount, which she agreed. Luckily for me, she failed to pay back the money as agreed, and due to the principle of borrowing I applied in dealing with her, I didn't feel offended with her refusal to pay back.
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Seriously, I use to think that everyone would at least have a good sense of reasoning and understanding when it comes to dealing with a friend. You got lend of the money as a result of being friends, so why would you give up the friendship because you don't want to pay back. It's so not fair. 
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I remember long time ago when I was still studying. I have this friend who will ask anyone she know to borrow money. One time she ask me for a favor to borrow money because she needed an important matter to do. As a good friend i let her borrow the money i only have left in my pocket. She promised to pay me back sooner, after one week as she said. I agree with it, but after one week she never paid me back. So I asked her when she can pay me and she said as soon as she have money. What I did was told her it wasn't my money, my uncle asking me to give him back hi money and I don't have it because I let you borrow with it. So, she sorry about it and promised that she will pay me sooner. After two days she paid me back. Since then I told myself I would not let anyone borrow money from me not unless they are trustworthy enough to pay me back. Until now she is still borrowing people's money and hardly to pay them back. So I suggest try to ask your friend to pay you back even in just small amount everyday until she can pay all of it. And better next time don't let her borrow your money again. These type of people are really pain to handle. Try not be aggressive though because some people will not pay you back if you attack them with anger or desperation. Once they pay you back all the money, never again.
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Some people who have little sense of conscience would be touched that you said the money wasn't yours and would do everything in their power to pay back. 

But there are some people who would care whether the money was yours or not, they are very selfish. 
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The thing that I always do to those kind of person is to come clean and ask them to pay me back. This life is always a case of some grateful and so e ungrateful people filling it and I don't think that I am going to be relaxed and allow someone owe me for so long especially when I know that they have gotten the money back. I have been in a situation where there are people that owed me, actually they were three and I have to continue disturbing them till the extent where they start feeling bad and had to pay me.
However, always understand that you should be doing the things that matters when you are asking for the money and one of them is to ask them in a polite way. Doing it in a polite way will always show them that you don't come for war, but in peace as well.
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Seriously, I find pestering someone who came at his own will to pay me back my money. Most times, if the money is big, I would involve police in the matter. 

Now, I don't fail to request for collateral even from a friend before lending the person any money. 
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I think for every good friendship to last decades, money issue must never come between them, same as woman issue.. Because it both cause a lot lot of damages to the friendship.

Meanwhile, if you want to keep the bond of friendship more stronger you must avoid lending or borrowing from each other. Thus or else; the both will end up as enemies even far beyond expectations. However, if you must lend a friend anything, not only money!. You should honourably be sure that; such thing is what you can loose comfortably without feeling bad.

Automatically, in the life this far, people gave proven beyond doubt that, friendship exist no more rather, what exist now is fell ownership with high expectations of always getting or receiving that giving or contributing. So in summary, do not give what you cant forfeit to a friend.
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But let me ask the question on why a friend would borrow money from his so called friend and have no intention of paying back?

There is a difference between borrowing money and asking for financial help. Why soil the friendship because they don't want to pay back what they are supposed to pay by right? 
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It is best to come out straight and point. Ask for your money no matter how it is going to look like. Some people ask for money without any intentions of paying back. That is awful and such people don't deserve the modesty of not asking for your money. If they really didn't have the money but they intended to pay back, they would at least put a word out to you.
I know they say you should only lend money you can let go but we all know that as friends, there are favours that could go way beyond and you'll lend such huge amounts out of love and friendship. I also believe it should be out of that same understanding that you should be able to ask for your money when the time is due. After all you are friends and you shouldn't hold anything back.
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I hate deceit no matter how small it's presented. If you are very sure as a friend that you have no interest in paying me back any money you borrowed under the pretense of paying back, I would rule out our friendship because the person is evil. 

Just ask me to help you out and as a friend, if I can help, I definitely will do so. 

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