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Men that grows hairs on their facial mouth region either grows goatee or beards.

Which one do you prefer?

A man with Goatee or Beards. 
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What is there to like? A goatee may look better to some men and beards to some one else.
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Depends on a person's facial structure. It varies person to person

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As a man, I will have to say that I like men that always do everything to look good. The major goal should always be to look good and nice and not to always look dull and dirty. Keeping  a goatee has made me look unique and smart and I must confess that it has also made me a good guy among the ladies as they kept complimenting my look as someone that is handsome.

Having beards is also something that I am not against as long as those ones are the people that will look cool and maintain such beards. I don't really understand that the way that some will have hairs around the mouth region and fail to take good care of it. I think that it is always better to shave them off than looking off in them. Every morning, I always create time to brush my hairs too.
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Exactly! Having beards is not the easy part but making sure to keep it well maintained and kept so as not to look bushy.
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The keeping of beards is not a strange thing to me because I am a highly bearded somebody who is also a keeper of beards. Whether it is goatee or beard, I was endowed with them all. For this very reason, I don't really see anything wrong with those growing their beards or goatee.

Looking at this from other people's perspectives, I discovered that there are those people who doesn't like keeping of beards even though, they are bearded heavily. However, I also realized that there those who doesn't have beards but are wishing they have as they admire those that have and keep theirs. This made them to resort to all kinds of desperate measures of wanting to have beards. Some of them can decide to be using spirit or scream just to ensure they have beards.

Regardless whether you have beards or not, the things is, there are those blessed with it and they like to flaunt it. So therefore, it won't be wise to dislike them for deciding not take them off.
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People who have goatee or beard, I think it look awful because I want a man that has a clean face, but who am I to judge them if they want to grow it. It is not easy to grow it and if that makes them happy, how could I stop them? Because of that, I need to be open-minded. If it is not needed to clear the goatee at work, they can have it. Some guys loves touching it when they are thinking. If it helps them, then let the goatee in there. No one has the right to cut the goatee away! Yes, I have to be honest that some men don't look clean when they have goatee. They look like they haven't take a bath because the goatee or beard looks dry. But how can I goatee will look like when it is super straight and silky like hair, so I am fine with the goatee, unless it can make someone happy.

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