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There are false religions. What is the most correct?
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Nobody can answer this question because everyone will claim their religion is the most correct.
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I asked this question but they say it will be review first before approve but instead of me it was replace by anonymous
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Have you ever thought that maybe it was made anonymous to protect you in a way given how sensitive the topic is? 
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No religion is bad or false. Every religion is best. There are different rituals and cultures of every religion which make them different from each other. Follow Daniel Greer to know more.

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Well,I think this is a question that only the almighty God can answer because if humans are to give the answer there will confusion and if care isn't taken then it can degenerate to war. I think religious war is one war that brings alot of conflict, strife and ruins. I'm a Christian and going by what I'm made to believe I will always vote for my religion Christianity to be the correct one.
To a large extent I don't really have time for religion  because whst I believe in is good over evil I don't think anyone should be religious to practice this. If everyone should maintain decorum and only seek to be at peace with one another and only think about being good to the next person then the world will be a better place.We don't need any religious inclination to be good.
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See, you can't claim that your religion is the most correct. That is highly inappropriate.
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When it comes to religion, I can't categorically say that one is better than the other as they always have something that they offer which the other one doesn't offer. I have been a Christian all my life and I can say that it is one of the religions that have really impacted in my life and the way I behaved in so many circumstances. However, I think that Muslim is also a nice religion since they preach oneness and love.

There is need for us to understand that the core rule and commandment that every religion should be focusing on is the need to love everyone as we are one family that is geared towards making life easy and good for us all. Also, I always look at the way that we should learn to accommodate the other religions as one that is impacting on those that follow them.
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I don't believed that there is most correct religion among with the others. I grow up with one religion in my head and believing Jesus is our savior. There are some people claiming that their religion is the true one and once you joined them you are truly saved. I don't believed this kind of people. Jesus didn't talk about what religion he is, his teaching is way different from the church today. He doesn't teach in a beautiful church during his days. He is preaching whenever he goes. If you find people telling you to joined them and be baptized because their religion is the true one. Don't go with this church, there is no such thing. If you accept and received Jesus as your savior then you are truly saved not the religion itself.
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I understand the point you're making. However, I need to correct something, it is entire false to say that Jesus didn't preach in a church ( house of God). He infact did and history gives accounts of Christ's actions following he and his disciples visit to the temple of solomon. which he called the house of God. Christ and his disciples often went to the temple to spread the word of God. Maybe it wasn't in a conventional means like today, but it still can be classified under the subject. 
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You can only speak for yourself. That is to say what you believe in. If everyone were to answer this question based off of how they feel, you'll never get a unanimous answer. Everyone will give you an answer based on what they believe in and what they practice, which is infact the real reason why they practice their religion.

No one can give you that answer until the day we finally meet God. Which brings me to the thought; if all religions leave out the bad and practice all the good things which is actually what God wants, then we would all be right in the end. Then we'll realize that all the fighting, misunderstanding and disagreement was all for nothing.
I believe at some point, which of course there is, there exist a common ground in all the religion of today.
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When it comes to the issue of religion, I don't think there is any that is better than the other. All the religious bodies are all striving towards the same thing, which is guiding humanity to the path that leads to their makers. And so, it won't be appropriate to say one religion is better than the others.

We all know that there are so many religious bodies that are in the world. And all of them have their unique doctrines they can use to relate and communicate with their makers. Unfortunately, there are crop of myopic and dogmatic people that would vehemently argue that their own religion is better than the others.

Obviously such people are only speakimg from self preservatory perspective, and don't forget everybody is entitled to their own opinions. With whatever yardstick these people are using to back up their claims, others that belong to other religions would definitely do the same.

Finally, the issue of a better religion, it's not something that mortal men can argue about, only the creator of the universe have the final say about those who are serving him in truth and in spirit.
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I think the question is such a question that can generate war between even the closest allies and neighbors is the reason why I don't usually feel comfortable answering such a question. However, the best religion is the religion of God, meaning religion that  involve worshiping God almighty, the supreme creator of all creations.
Meanwhile, we have only two basic religions that deals with or worship God viz; Islam and Christianity. Fortunately, philosophy have proven that slam is the religion close t9 the truth.

Islam is the religion practiced by the Muslims and it started since the creation of human by God in the garden of Eden when God commanded the creation of Eve but called Hawau by Muslims. Since then Quran has kept everything or words of God till today and non of its words has gone without manifestation. It is also a miracle that non of the word of the Quran has changed since then till now.

Muslims are Muslim everywhere and no segregation anywhere.
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Every religion claims to be the most correct. Christians are especially famous for claiming their's is the most correct. In fact, they think they are the only religion out there, but they couldn't be more wrong. But like answernow said, nobody can actually answer your question since most religions will claim to be the most correct.
Now, I am Wiccan. I have never claimed that my religion is the most correct. Why? Because it wouldn't be appropriate. We have texts of accuracy of the Wiccan religion, but we don't say, "Our's is correct."

So, basically, no religion should be allowed to say they are the most correct. It just wouldn't be right. Misunderstanding's and fights can occur if religions start saying they are correct.

I hope my answer has helped you in some way to understand that no religion can claim to be the most correct.
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Well, it's not good thing that people should be dragging on and on about which religion is the most important or best among all the religious beliefs being practiced all over the world today. What should be preached is religious tolerance and acceptance of all religions because it's the only way religious violence would be completely avoided.
Some people would prefer Christianity because they were born into the religion and have practiced it all of their lives, so it's going to be very hard for them to pick any other religion ahead of their life long practiced religion. Truth be told, Christianity happens to be one of the most popular religion in the world but that doesn't take away the growth of other religion like Islam which is rivaling Christianity at the moment.
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You surely wouldn't expect people to suggest other religions not practice by them is better. On the contrary, every devoted religious persons will definitely call theirs to be the true and only correct religion, which is probably not so. But what I do know is that some religions are absolutely false. Their preachings and practices are way beyond any religious standards. Am talking about religions that compels individuals to make sacrifices beyond their capabilities. Surely, no God will demand from you more than you can provide.

Before I continue with my answer, i'll like to state that anyone with a sound sense of reasoning wouldn't say their religions are better than others. Almost everyone didn't choose the religion they find themselves practicing today, we were either born or raised in it. Very few people get to convert to other religions along the way. Hence, is it fair to say another person's religion which wasn't their choice from the start is wrong? My answer is no, because if a Muslim was born in a Christian home, such persons wouldn't think Allah to be the true God. The same goes the other way around. And this is the main reason why I detest any form of evangelism in an attempt to convert people's faith.

Going back to the question, majority of people might disagree with me, both the honest truth is that religion is just a medium, a channel deviced for communicating with God which I believe lies within everyone. God is not the different names and different places we say he is, God I strongly believe is in everyone. You just have to find him by by looking within and being a better person.
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Religion which is a fundamental right of worship and believe by an individual or group of individuals that are convinced beyond doubt that their religion is the best.
Every religion is correct,  we are different people with different ideology and ability to dig deeper before we reach conclusions,  every religion practised globally today have it members and they are stick to the religion because the teachings and probably their prayer requests are always answered as at when due.
In other to know the correct religion you will definitely have to carried out a comparative studies of different religions in the world, I am optimistic if you truly want to know the correct religion you will find out from the scholars of each religions with their proven facts.

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