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There are false religions. What is the most correct?
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Nobody can answer this question because everyone will claim their religion is the most correct.
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I asked this question but they say it will be review first before approve but instead of me it was replace by anonymous
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Have you ever thought that maybe it was made anonymous to protect you in a way given how sensitive the topic is? 
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No religion is bad or false. Every religion is best. There are different rituals and cultures of every religion which make them different from each other. Follow Daniel Greer to know more.

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In the world that we live in, we have many religions, cultures, traditions and so and so forth. People deal with their own religions in their own ways. I don't think there is anyone who can come out and say that they know somebody else's religion better or who's religion is the best. Here it's everyone for himself. You know your religion what it's all about, what you learn from it and what benefits you get while there, what's it to anyone? If they feel they want to find out, there are no restrictions in one knowing someone else's religion is there? I guess there is freedom of worship everywhere. You can go ahead and join a religion, see how they interact, what they do, what they believe in and what they don't then from there you can judge for yourself whether its good or bad. But i personally cannot say this or that religion is the best or the worst.
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The bible says religion is made up by men telling each other what to do. That is what we call authority, and Luke 4:5&6 says Satan is the god of worldly authority. God has a low opinion of religion. God calls for every person to decide for themselves what they should do.

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