There are many controversies about the planet Pluto's color. Some sources says it's blue while other says it's brown. Even articles claiming that Pluto is reddish orange are also there on internet. My daughter is having a school project and even her beautiful teacher winkis helpless in this matter. What is the actual color of Pluto? A quick answer would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Pluto is not considered as a planet now. It's called a dwarf planet. And about the color, Pluto has a reddish brown color as per NASA articles. The reason behind this coloration is that the atmosphere of Pluto is covered with methane and the ultraviolet rays from the sun interact with this methane to give Pluto it's color. 

Now your daughter can complete her project and you can give a perfect answer to her beautiful teacher. devil

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When Pluto was first discovered by Clybe Tombaugh in 1930, astronomers believed that they had found the ninth and outermost planet of the Solar System.In recent years a clear picture was grab by New Horizons and its was stated that its in reddish brown color.Due to atmospheric effect one-time “ninth planet” of the Solar System is rich and varied in color

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