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That's the cause why my mother had a diabetes type 2. In her late 30's, she drunk soft drinks just like water...
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The effects of drinking soft drinks is very devastating to the overall organs in the human body. They are the cause of so many diseases in the body. Instead of drinking soft drinks I will advise you go for water.

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The effects of drinking soft drinks are noticed long after 2 years. In some cases when a teenager drinks a lot of soft drinks the effect of this can show up as long as 30 years later. Soft drinks are bad on your system and can cause a number of medical problems such as kidney disease or problem, heart problems and muscular problems. It is best to stay away from soft drinks as much as possible. It isn't only the sugar that harms your body but the other ingredients in the drink.
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The effect of drinking soft drinks is cumulative. Drinking one cup of soft drink doesn't do any long term damage but drinking it regularly does. Just like ink stain, you can wash it off but the stain remains. Soft drinks mostly contains water, lots of sugar, caffeine, phosphoric acid, colors and flavors. For example, the effect of phosphoric acid when it passes through the system is such that it causes a deficiency of magnesium, calcium, zinc etc. The damaging effect of sugar and caffeine also is not to be ignored. So the effect of consistently drinking soft drinks is long-term as these effects gradually progress and cause life threatening disease like diabetes.
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I don't believe that sugar will stay for 2 years in your system only if, you taking soft drinks everyday. When you drink soft drinks, remember you are drinking sugar at the same time. People can get diabetes for too much sugar intake, alike what your mother do, drinking soft drinks just like water. This is the bad sign of developing diabetes in a long run and added to it if you have family or relative that develop such disease. My late grandad died from complication of diabetes, there is no cure for diabetes, you just have to control it and strick discipline in taking foods.

Remember,if you drink soft drinks everyday, that's the reason why it will stay in your system.And too much sugar, our system cannot handle it. You need to drink 1 Liter of water for every 1 cup of soft drink you take. This way,your body will eliminate and cleanse your system by peeing every now and them. But,better to avoid drinking soft drinks because it's not healthy.
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