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Ads are one thing that is very common with websites, applications and social media. Ads are used to monetize each of these platforms but when they are displayed too much, how do you feel about them? 

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I always find pop Ads every now and then in every site I visit.There are some Ads that annoying especially if you can't see what you are looking because the Ads covering them. If I can't remove them I will just exit the site.

Here at Answeree, there are a lot of Ads but it doesn't bother me because they are in the right place. It is just sometimes I misunderstood the Ads thinking it's part of the Answeree activities to earn. With all these Ads around the sites, I will just ignore them and click the Ads if it is interested to earn something. Some Ads I'm already part of it, and they are beneficial to us if you are interested to click that site.

Remember, that if you plan to build a website one day, your site will need these Ads for you to monetize. Everything on the internet is money.
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I know the major way that which sites and apps makes their money is through placing ads on their sites and apps is both from network to selling of space it still boils down to placing of ads to make money and sometimes huge amount of money but I and many others might not be offended by this since we know that we are using the site free and sites and apps owners need to make money but my problem is always how these things are done. Some sites owners don't just care, some just filled their pages with video, pictures and all kinds of media ads on the same page. So one is confronted with all kinds of popups, popunder and every kind of intrusive ads per page of a site or an app
It isn't bad to make money on a site or app using ads but it should be done with decorum so as not to annoyed users too.

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