I have known about SnapChat for a long time now but I still don't know how to use the social media application. 

How is it used? 
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The Snapchat app is no different form any social media you can find. However they have different approach how it member do their post and chat messages. The same with other social media, you have to set up your Snapchat account.

1 Download the freeSnapchat app

2. Open the app and tap Sign up and enter any information they will ask.

From right there,after you finished signing up, you can add your friends accessing from your contact list just like Viber account. On the other hand you can add friend using Snapcode by taping on the ghost icon and snap the image of the Snapcode. These Snapcode is unique code that every member included during their signing up process. Every  post you made, photos or videos, they will only be available to view it depends what time you set it up. While messaging on the app, once it viewed it will disappear.
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