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There has been a lot of tension between the world powers for long now, with the United States of America, North Korea, Russia, Syria, China at loggerheads.

If this leads to war breaking out, do you think that the world would survive third world war? 

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These countries always has a lot of tension between them. That would probably turn into World War 3, hoping it won't happen. The North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un expresses that he is ready for any battle and he can win probably. His army is huge, the only victims with this conflict are us the countrymen who only want a peaceful life.

Even President Rodrigo indicated that if World War 3 will happen, 90 percent of people around the world who involve will vanish. Including the innocent people who are just trying to make a peace.

These would probably know by any Leader in each country. We already lost millions of men and women, even children during World War 1 and 2. So, why we hoping for another World War 3 when we can choose to live in a peaceful world. Well,not as peaceful as we think but World War 3 is another tragic even in each countryman.
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Let me start by acknowledging today being 100 years to the end of world war 1. Hence, i'll be paying my respect to all the fallen heroes and innocent civilians who lost their lives during the war.

World war 3, if ever it happens, is going to be disasterous and it's mainly because war fare has evolved since the previous wars. If you take a look at historic materials on the previous wars, you'd realize that military war strategies and most importantly, weapons used back then are now outdated and classified as less effective in modern day battles. But still, imagine the amount of damage done with those old type of weapons. Now imagine the amount of destruction that will be caused with modern weapons. Let's take a quick look at some weapons comparison from the first and second world wars.

During the first world war (1913 -1918), one of the most advanced weapons used was the vickers machine gun produced by the British. It took a minimum of 6 men to operate the gun and had the capacity to fire about 450 - 500 rounds of bullets per minute. At the time, this was a very powerful weapon that caused a lot of damage and took the lives of thousands of soldiers. It took the life of an approximate 20+ million people to end the war.

World war 2 (1939 - 1945) on the hand saw the introduction of more advance weapons like the Atomic bomb, Me 626 Messerschmidt (the world's first fighter jet), the STG 44, Armored tanks, etc. These weapons were really destructive and had firing rates way higher than those of the first world war. They covered more grounds and could shoot targets farther than those of the previous wars. Over 60 million people (3% of the world) were killed during this period.

Today, we have even more advanced weapons than those used in the second world war. Some of todays weapons are less heavy with minimum men to handle, they also have higher firing rate and can cover more grounds like never before.There's the nuclear and hydrogen bombs, as well as other chemical weapons that are way advance and powerful than previous ones like the nerve gas used during the first world war. There's the all too familiar Ak47 which was introduced after the second world war. We have missiles which can be fired from one country to another, we have more advanced fighter jets and planes specifically made for dropping bombs from the sky, etc.

Drawing from the above, you'd notice that the second world war was more destructive than the first primarily because of the different types of weapons used. The more advance the weapons, the more destructive the war. Now, imagine the amount of destruction modern weapons can cause using the reference stated above. The world would barely survive if there was a third world war and full implementation of modern day weapons. Barely survive will mean was left of it. I personally believe that a third world war will be the end of civilization and probably the start of an apocalyptic earth.
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I agree with you that it is going to be really disastrous, if we are going to experience this World War III. I mean I can't just think of it as it is going to be scary with lots of deaths. 
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That's very true, it's scary to even think about it. Let's just hope that our leaders will come to the realization that making peace with eachother is the key to a better tomorrow because with the recent tension mounting from west and east Europe to America and Asia, it's only a matter of time before full scale war begins. 
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I don't really see the prospect of third world war becoming a reality. It is something not anybody is praying for. And so let's forget about the possibility of it happening. We all know human race has gone beyond that stage in terms of development and advancement. Even though  the world super powers and the self proclaimed most powerful nations are stock piling nuclear weapons, they are doing all that just to create awareness of 'we can't be intimidated'.

On a more serious note, the happening of third world war would be perceived as retrogression and progress in the grand scheme of things. I believed everybody has learned from the first and second world wars, and so there won't be wisdom in stirring up another bloody war that would take us back to loss of lives and property. We've come too far to go back.
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If somebody will launch even a single nuke, then I would give 99% answer no, world won't survive. Having Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un arround is scary too.
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To tell you the truth I do not think it will survive. There are too many nukes and if the war starts each country is going to try and destroy the other country. I fear if this happens the earth can not survive and it will take hundreds of years before people can grow food and live outside again. People will have to go underground and try to grow their own food and make their own water to drink. The world as we know it today will be gone and there won't be any decent land or water left for people to survive. 

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