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I have lived in the African region for most of my years and I can say that this chatting app is pretty popular over here. Is Whatsapp chat popular in your area? 
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Whatsapp messenger is one of the most used and popular social media application in my country Nigeria. 

Personally, I make use of Whatsapp messenger more than any other chat messenger in the world today. It's user friendly. 

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Before I learnt about the existence of this social media chat messenger called Whatspp, it was 2go chat messenger that I was more familiar with using to connect and chat with my family and friends as well as my relatives. Back then, I wasn't really that much freaked by social media sites. All these was happening when I was still in my first year in the university and it was right after my first semester that one of my course mate introduced me to Whatsapp chat messenger.

At first, I wasn't moved to download the chat messenger until I observed the girl who introduced me to the messenger use it to chat with her friends and some of our department members who are already making use of it, so I concluded my mind immediately and downloaded it and till today, it's my most used chat messenger.
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Of course. Yes. WhatsApp is very much popular in our region here in India. I am a member on one of the groups on WhatsApp formed by one of my friends in the office where I served for about thirty five years. Through that group, I am able to know all the important developments that are taking place in and around us.

What is more, I am also able to contact the individuals concerned in the group on a one-to one chat, when I think that certain conversations need not be made known to all the persons in the group. My son also formed a group called 'home' recently with which we are able to send messages, photos etc within us since my son is serving at a outstation. WhatsApp is really a very good  tool for sending messages and sharing photos.
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Groups that can be created on Whatsapp can be a good way that one can get to interact and socialize. I have been in some of those groups and it is nice to be part of them. 
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Whatsapp is extremely popular in my country. I'm not sure which one takes the lead between whatsapp and facebook. There's hardly anyone with a smartphone that hasn't got whatsapp installed in it. Personally, whatsapp is one of my most used app and social media. You'll hardly find me on others but you can always catch me on whatsapp.
All of my friends and family are on whatsapp and it is easy for me to catch them there and leave messages. I'm even a member of a couple of whatsapp group chat created to pass really important information. Some are just for fun and catch up.
News of any kind, advertising, marketing and what have spreads really fast like wildfire on whatsapp. The good thing about it is how cheap it is to use both home and abroad.
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Yes very very popular to the extent that I feel like most people especially the youths are very idle. How can someone have almost 10 WhatsApp groups surely. The moment someone has a free time, they're always on WhatsApp. Chatting isn't bad but the rate at which these youth take things is really alarming. They even forget to do there house chores in the name of chatting on WhatsApp and the moment they lack data, that would be a tragedy to them.

As for me, I only have two WhatsApp groups and they're only for academics and you'll only find me in WhatsApp when I want to contact someone or maybe when I want to know any new updates from the groups. According to my research that have done, those people who spend almost the whole day on WhatsApp chatting are always idle, jobless or maybe they've got some other hidden agenda.
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The first time Whatsapp came out, most of friends use it. But overtime, Whatsapp is just another type of social media as Viber. And I use Viber more than Whatsapp until days later I stop using Whatsapp. I like Viber than any other, it is more easy to use and, I like the theme color of Viber.
I don't really get or there is no connection for me with Whatsapp. It's like no chemistry to use it. I'd rather use Viber with the same function like calling, group chat, and video call just like Skype, too.

The Whatsapp is not a hit for everyone especially where I live. There are too many social app nowadays and Facebook Messenger is commonly used between my family and friends for contact. So, I don't really need lots of social media accounts, one is enough.
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While I agree with you that Viber is also great and nice to make use of, I think that it is all about how many members that are on it and this is where Whatsapp tops the rank. 
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Yes, I think WhatsApp is popular around. We don't need to remember the contact phone numbers and text as much as we want without spending a penny as long as we get the network connection. Compared to the seamless transition to Android and iOS, iMessege seems stingy and just worked on the Apple devices. And so far, no ads display on WhatsApp. 

But it sometimes drives me crazy due to the workgroup chats. Back then, I can just ignore the phone calls and texts when I was off and pretended I did not look at my phone. If you are saying something like this now, no one believes in your excuse and you have to work at home till 1 p.mcrying And I was told that WhatsApp accounts can be hacked using voicemail.

Technology is really a double-edged sword.

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