Most of us make use of our phones for different reasons. While some use it for gaming, there are others that use it for chatting and don't even have time for other things. Are you addicted to chatting? 
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From time to time, I engage in chatting with Facebook messenger because most of my friends are using it to chat as well. 

I also try to chat with whatsapp and Telegram messenger as well. 

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My chatting depends on my moods. At times I usually don't feel like chatting at all and even if you text me, I'll prefer calling you or just snobbing the text til that day I'll feel like I really need to chat. Other times, when am in moods, I'll enjoy chatting even the whole day. Or at times, I chat because am just idle or need to learn something new or need to get a hint on some information.

What I enjoy doing especially on WhatsApp is going through people's status, on Instagram, liking pic and watching clips. Facebook my favourite social media site takes the highest percentage because its got quite a lot of stuff and you can't be bored. I love watching clips,reading funny jokes, stalking people among the rest. Facebook doesn't depend on my moods like the case with chatting.
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I am not addicted to chatting. I don't have time for that. Me and my best of friends have our own Facebook group and we chat at messenger for the purpose of just reaching out and catching up with each other. We do not do it regularly. I only open the chatroom when one of them told me to do so and when we have a plan to go somewhere because al of the details are posted there. The people in the group are only three, including me. Aside from that, some of my friends put me in different chatroom but I already abandon them. I do not leave but I do not open the chatroom because if they see me seeing zone them they might get mad at me. I rather not touch it, not visit it and just scroll down my Facebook. I even have it on Instagram, but still it is just for the purpose of information and not really for chatting.
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I don't fancy group chatting for any reason whatsoever because some people don't know how to behave in group chat. Some would just spam the group with posting lots of irrelevant information. 
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I am not addicted to chatting on social media. Even before I started earning online, I always logged on to social media sites only when I was free. It was more like a past time and not something that I cannot go on without. After I learned about the different methods of earning online, I only visit social media when I need to relax and unwind.

You can only find more of me on whatsapp even. Sometimes I come to find series of messages and voice notes waiting for me to reply. I wish I knew about earning sites especially paid to post forums before now. I wouldn't even have wasted more time on social media to begin with.

I know that there are people who are so addicted that they literally spend their entire lives on social media. I am glad that I'm not one of those.
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When it comes to whatsapp messenger, I simply can't do without it on daily basis because most of my friends, family and business contacts are using the chat messenger as well. 

So, it's very easy to connect with them and communicate as often as possible. 
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When it comes to keeping in contact with friends and family as well as my relatives, I am more used to and comfortable with using chats as my means of communication with them all. I'm not the type of person who is used with making long phone calls. Whenever I hold the mobile smartphone for more than two minutes close to my ears in answering calls, it would be heating up my ears and causing me headaches. So, for this reason alone is why I'm more comfortable with chatting and text messaging whenever I'm in the need to communicate with my friends and family.

Also my business partners are another group of people whom I still used through the means of chat messengers to reach out to and discuss business deals. If it's important to make calls with them, I would use loudspeaker to answer the calls.
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Absolutely no. I am not the type who's addicted to social media, neither am I the type who is a chat freak. I can stay for more than a week without opening chatting apps on my phone, except maybe I received a message from a friend. Honestly, I don't fancy the idea of time wasting on social media, all in the name of chatting.

I don't see the reason why I should be engaging in something trivial that would not add value to my life. Basically, I don't encourage any form of idlessness. I often see young people who spend enough time chatting, and at the end of the day, there won't be a single thing to be proud of as achievement gained from it.

Sadly, there are some who are students, that spend their value time they supposed to have used for studying their books on chatting. It is so bad that, they even chat into late hours forgetting that they have tests or exams to sit for.
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I am always on my smartphone whenever I can but, I am not addicted to chat. What I am doing in my phone is doing lots of surveys if there is available. In other times, I will just browse on my social media account, like and share. I rarely go into long conversation not unless it's an interesting topic.
I only have few friends on Facebook mostly family and friends I have known for long time. Most of them are busy with their own life just like I do. I consider if you are single and no other obligations then you can chat whatever and how long you want. That's what I do when I was single. Once you become a parent everything will definitely change.
So I am happy that I am not addicted to chatting not unless I am talking to my family. If I am, then I am a bad mother  to my beautiful children. They need more my attention than chatting on social media.
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A Big No :)

I don't addicted to chatting in Social Medias. I always use my phone to watch videos and games. I also use social media but Just to watch the memes. 

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I am not addicted to chatting on social, but I do chat once in a while especially on topics that has my interest.  I follow people's comment more than I chat, I happened to read  and allow my mind to imagine the writer's points of view. 
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I am not addicted to chatting. I have few social media where I log into once in a while and chat with my family and friends. I do moderate and personally I can say am independent of the social media for a lot of chatting. 
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No, I hate chatting on ant type of social media.It is basically and merely wSTE OF TIME.i AM A RESERVED PERSON AND PREFER TO BE QUIET,CALM.So there is no question of wasting my time on chatting on social media.
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