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Are you the type of person that is going to spend time going to medical check up or do you visit the hospital only when you are sick? 
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I have a 3-month routine medical check up no matter the situation of my health. Whether I'm ill or healthy, I wouldn't miss my 3 month check up. 
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The last time I had a check up was over a year ago and I am thankful I am not sick at all.

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I just had a checkup last September. It was required at the office for our health insurance. We do it every year. It was just fast, I just had it for 30 minutes. We are only a few in the office that did it. It was good. Actually, tomorrow will be the result of the exam. I had blood chemistry, physical exam, and ECG. I also did eye check up. I just hope that there is nothing wrong with me because I cannot afford to get weak and sick. I am grateful that our company has health insurance because it means that they are responsible and they are really into taking care of their employee. I really hope there is nothing wrong with me. I think even without a health insurance, we still need to have a regular checkup so that we can solve some health issue soon.
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I do my check up when I feel like I need it. I don't have set date and time as in a routine to be honest. I just find myself doing check ups when I feel like it. I work at a primary health care center so every now and then I go under the needle and I do one or two tests. I think I test for malaria the most because this is one disease that affects almost the entire population and it is a struggle combating it.

Just last week, I had my eyes checked. I've always wanted to do that test. It was a long, tasking and funny process at the same time. I had to read letters from a far. Everything seemed alright. I just needed to go for further checks and keep doing a routine.

I think we owe it to ourselves to always know our health status. It could be a necessity even for emergency.
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Frankly speaking, I don't remember the last time I go for medical check up. I guess this is so because I am not the type who falls ill all the time. The last time actually fall ill is about ten years ago, and up till now, I have not had the slightest of symptoms for any health related conditions. And so, I have not had any reason whatever to go to any medical facility for medical checkup.
In addition to why I don't see the reason I should is that I don't live a reckless lifestyle. And I also ensure I eat right, which is basically balanced diet that rich in proteins and health carbohydrate including vegetables and fruits, plus the drinking of plenty of water. It doesn't just stop there, I also have active lifestyle. There is no single day that pass I don't engage in any form of physical activities.

To cap it all up, my God has always granted me sound mind and body, which is far from being ill, talk less of making me to go meet health experts for medical check up.
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