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Anybody feel like avoiding the mirror in the morning? It's all about I think  about these days when I wake up, trying to deal with it the best I can but don't have much to show for its so far
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My room mirror is what I always look at when I wake up. In fact, it's directly in front of my bed, so on waking up, I see myself immediately. 

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Talking about a person who have no self confidence, I am present! I am a person who doesn't like looking myself in the mirror because I look awful. My hair looks dry, my eyes are ugly, and I need to brush my teeth immediately. I love my skin in the morning though, but that only when I have a complete 6 hours of sleep. Mostly, I have a dry face in the morning and I need to wash my face immediately. I do not look at myself in the mirror in the morning. i rather go straight to the bathroom and clean my face. When I am at home, I am not checking on how I look like. I just do my thing. Even if I already took a bath and putting myself a little makeup, I still can't see the beauty that some people are seeing. I do not look pretty. I look pale and looked like a old maid.
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Maybe for the men but as far as am concerned, most of the ladies would live aa much as possible to keep mirrors in their hand bags every where. Especially for the ladies when they attain the age of 16, they'll want as much as possible to be close to mirrors and convince themselves how beautiful they are. According to science, they say that each morning you wake up and stare at the mirror and smile, it will brighten your day.

As for me, am always using a mirror everyday and have made it a trend before going somewhere I must admire myself first. Mirrors don't lie if you don't like looking at yourself in the mirror, then it means you don't appreciate yourself. Especially for the ladies, its good to possess a mirror to avoid embarrassments.
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I actually know the perspective this question is stemming from. Presumably from the angle of how one look when one wake up in the morning. I agreed, it could be so scary to look into the mirror first thing in the morning knowing one's face is unkept. But this would have been an issue for me if I usually go to bed without taking care of face, which I do always.

Notwithstanding, I would not still have qualms looking at the mirror in the morning because however my face looks, it can't possibly get me the bearer horrified regardless of how bad it is. Morever there is nothing there if one get to behold the flaws in one's body including the face.
Honestly, I have come to appreciate every part of my body no matter what other people thinks. And so, if I wake up in the morning and I look at the mirror and see something unpleasant on it, I will quickly wash it of before having encounter with my neighbors.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong in looking at the mirror first thing the in morning because, it will enable one to tell how one face looks so that he/she can do the needful in taking of it.

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