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Now the world is moving to electric and studies are saying that cars running on conventional fuels are going to an end by 2020. Such a fast development is happening to the electric car industry. I was thinking of buying an electric car. But there is news, the fuels like gasoline and diesel will be much cheaper at those times, which made me think to buy a hybrid car like Toyota Prius. But after a little search on the web now I am in a dilemma, which one to buy? A hybrid or an electric car?

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It's a good idea to have a hybrid car if you can afford one and if the fuel prices come down as low as you explained. But what if the country which you reside, bans all the vehicles that run on these fuels at those times. Will you be able to make anything out of it even in a long run? In that case, an electric will be nice. I suggest you buy an electric car or just keep a car that runs on conventional fuels. I think it's too early to think about electric because many developments are being made in electric car industry especially in battery segment. Higher reliable, high capacity storage batteries with less maintenance and cheap to own are being made by many companies. A lot of research are in the final stage. So it's better to wait some more time to think about going electric or a hybrid car.
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I would have chosen a hybrid if I can afford one. My point of view is that a hybrid can get the benefits of both electric car efficiency and fuel price slash benefit.
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I prefer Electric only. its cheap
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There is not enough metal in the world to make batteries for all the electric cars in any one nation. So conventional fuels are going to remain in use for a long time to come. The current development of electric and hybrid cars makes the prices much higher than they are worth, unless you think it is important to subsidize the development with your own money.
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Not enough metal to build batteries! What kind of metal are you talking about? How much metal should need for such a small battery? Moreover when it is electric it can save so much metal parts that are used in conventional fuel vehicles.
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Not enough metals?! It's ridiculous
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What a funny answer..!
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Apparently some people think any metal is as good as any other metal. That is not so. Every kind of battery needs a different kind of metal. Golf cart batteries are made of lead and sulfuric acid. Cheap flashlight batteries use zinc. Rechargeable flashlight batteries use nickel and cadmium. Hearing aid batteries use silver. Cellphones use lithium. These are all scarce metals, except lead, which is heavy and poisonous.
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So what kind of rare metal is needed for automotive batteries? Normally lead acid batteries are used in automobiles.

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