Now the world is moving to electric and studies are saying that cars running on conventional fuels are going to an end by 2020. Such a fast development is happening to the electric car industry. I was thinking of buying an electric car. But there is news, the fuels like gasoline and diesel will be much cheaper at those times, which made me think to buy a hybrid car like Toyota Prius. But after a little search on the web now I am in a dilemma, which one to buy? A hybrid or an electric car?
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It's a good idea to have a hybrid car if you can afford one and if the fuel prices come down as low as you explained. But what if the country which you reside, bans all the vehicles that run on these fuels at those times. Will you be able to make anything out of it even in a long run? In that case, an electric will be nice. I suggest you buy an electric car or just keep a car that runs on conventional fuels. I think it's too early to think about electric because many developments are being made in electric car industry especially in battery segment. Higher reliable, high capacity storage batteries with less maintenance and cheap to own are being made by many companies. A lot of research are in the final stage. So it's better to wait some more time to think about going electric or a hybrid car.
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I think electric car better than hybrid car because electric car no want fuel so save fuel.
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I would have chosen a hybrid if I can afford one. My point of view is that a hybrid can get the benefits of both electric car efficiency and fuel price slash benefit.
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I prefer Electric only. its cheap
I think electric car better than hybrid car because electric car no want fuel so save fuel.
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There is not enough metal in the world to make batteries for all the electric cars in any one nation. So conventional fuels are going to remain in use for a long time to come. The current development of electric and hybrid cars makes the prices much higher than they are worth, unless you think it is important to subsidize the development with your own money.
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Not enough metal to build batteries! What kind of metal are you talking about? How much metal should need for such a small battery? Moreover when it is electric it can save so much metal parts that are used in conventional fuel vehicles.
Not enough metals?! It's ridiculous
What a funny answer..!
Apparently some people think any metal is as good as any other metal. That is not so. Every kind of battery needs a different kind of metal. Golf cart batteries are made of lead and sulfuric acid. Cheap flashlight batteries use zinc. Rechargeable flashlight batteries use nickel and cadmium. Hearing aid batteries use silver. Cellphones use lithium. These are all scarce metals, except lead, which is heavy and poisonous.
So what kind of rare metal is needed for automotive batteries? Normally lead acid batteries are used in automobiles.
I think electric car better than hybrid car because electric car no want fuel so save fuel.
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Recent research in the UK has shown that hybrid cars are not as environmentally friendly as many people might think. The reason is that drivers tend not to use the electric option anything like as much as the petrol engine, and this will use more fuel because of the extra battery weight that the car has to carry.
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I think electric car better than hybrid car because electric car no want fuel so save fuel. After charging use without problem. So i can electric car better than hybrid car.
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Electic car is far better than a hybrid car. It can save the mother Earth for not polluting the air and drivers can save their money for not using fuels. If we are an advocate for saving the Earth, then we need to use electric cars.
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A hybrid car has an combustion engine that runs on gasoline and an electric motor with an attached rechargeable battery pack for electric-powered driving. So I think you can go with hybrid to but it will be little expensive
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For most people, electric cars are going to be far and away a better choice than a hybrid for a couple of reasons:

  1. Most hybrids aren’t plug-in Hybrids. In my opinion, if you can’t recharge the batteries without running the engine, or run the car at a reasonable speed on electric power alone, then it’s not a hybrid anything, it’s just a more complicated and slightly more efficient gas car. Note that a 1992 Geo Metro was more efficient than a Prius, without batteries or complicated drive systems.
  2. Hybrid cars take all the complexity of gas cars, then add to it electric components and all the things that are necessary to make them work together. That’s a lot to break. There are over 100 parts in most modern engines, and any of them going wrong will cause you problems, and can be confusing and expensive to diagnose and replace.

    In contrast, electric cars, have about 3 moving parts in the whole system. Most Teslas for example, don’t use a transmission, and replace the differential with the motor itself. They’ve replaced hundreds of parts, with basically 3, and that’s not particular to Tesla, they’re just the example I’m most familiar with.
  3. For most people’s driving habits, an electric vehicle is plenty. Range on most of the newer electric cars is 280–300 miles or more. Remember that most people are going to charge it up overnight in their garage and start each day with essentially a full charge (or 90% to extend the life of the batteries). Most gasoline powered cars and hybrids have fuel tanks sized for 300 real-world miles as well. To see how that would work for you picture it this way: if you started every day with a full tank of gas, would you have to stop and fill up during the day? If the answer is no, an EV is a perfect fit. I had a Volt for 2 years and I’m on year 3 with the Tesla, and I’ve never had to charge away from home, even though the Tesla has free lifetime supercharging. I just drive normally, and plug it in when I park it in the garage and it’s ready to go next time. I haven’t had to wait outside pumping gas in 105 degree heat or 30 degree cold in 5 years.
  4. With electric cars, you don’t to drive them in odd ways to get the fuel savings. I used to travel a lot for work, and got lots of rentals, including a Prius rental once. For fun, I decided to max out the efficiency on the Prius when I picked it up: as I was driving on the highway, getting to the exit for the customer site, I reached over and reset the mileage calculator. Then put the car in neutral and coasted the last 2 miles, down the exit, into the parking lot and stopped without running the engine, maxing MPG at 99. I then drove the rest of the week like I would a normal car, nothing special. When I turned it in at the end of the week, the average MPG was 22.
  5. Pure electric cars run on electricity. I know it seems strange to say, but what that means is this. They run on LITERALLY ANYTHING that produces electricity. People who are against them point out that this could be coal. True, and for some of the country that’s what it comes from. But they’re electric, not coal powered cars. The MOMENT they decommission the coal power plant and start generating electricity from byproducts of the BS that politicians and diesel enthusiasts spew, electric cars will run on that. You can charge from solar, from wind, from geothermal or natural gas. You can power it yourself from a bicycle powered generator if you wanted (good luck, but it’s possible!) You don’t need to have it converted, or updated. But if you want to take your gasoline car and run it on CNG? It’s cheaper to replace it. Clean diesel? Nope, throw it away and get a new car. Hydrogen? E85? Same story. Electric cars are future proof because they will AUTOMATICALLY get more efficient and cleaner as the whole national grid improves. As of right now, hybrid or gas or hydrogen or CNG is only going to get less efficient from the moment you buy it until you’re forced to trade it in.
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